The raspberry pi robotic arm and its unique features in 2022

In the world of Raspberry Pi, robotics is considered to be a trending topic nowadays. Basically, it is not that easy to find the product you require. In the recent few years, many robotic arms have been released with the aim to learn to program or to play or tackle more complex challenges. Among these, the raspberry pi robotic arm has gained more popularity across the world for its unique features and advanced technology involvement. This post will help you to understand this new and advanced robotic arm as well as let you know its specific features.

What is the raspberry pi robotic arm?

The raspberry pi robotic arm is usually composed of a multi-function expansion board, an aluminium alloy bracket, a 300,000-pixel camera, a sturdy chassis, and 6 bus servos. This robotic arm is developed as an operating system using Python3 programming and Open Source CV based on Ubuntu 20.04/ROD noetic to create AI vision function series.

raspberry pi robotic arm

Even this robotic arm can be used and developed as per your requirements. It can be controlled by JupyterLab, handle, APP, and PC software. Additionally, you can ask your service provider to give you proper instructions, detailed tutorials, technical support services, and open-source codes as you are the AI beginners and Raspberry Pi players.

What makes the raspberry pi robotic arm unique and different from other robotic arms?

As compared to any other robotic arm, the raspberry pi robotic arm is unique and different because of its features.

The rich list of materials

First of all, this robotic arm gives you a rich list of materials such as a PS2 gamepad, assembled robotic arm, Yahboom special cooling HAT, 32G TF card with image system, and 4 different colour blocks and matching colour-printed map. Here, the yahboom special cooling HAT has been featured to help heat dissipation.

Exciting AI features

You can also get exciting AI features, which can be controlled by a PC upper computer, Jupyter Lab webpage online programming, handle, and iOS or Android APP. It has also included DOFBOT, which is helpful for colour recognition, Gesture recognition, garbage classification, visual positioning, building block-stacking, face tracking, catch a game, and other AI games.

User-friendly detailed design

The raspberry pi robotic arm is designed to give user-friendly access where the user can use it quickly by connecting the network through the mobile APP QR code on APP. Also, you can get a 12V 5A power adapter power supply, and there is no limit for the battery life. Here, the use of OLED is helpful to display Raspberry Pi CPU and IP address-related information in real-time.

Excellent extensibility

You can also get excellent extensibility with the raspberry pi robotic arm. Here, the expansion board is compatible with Micro: bit four development boards, Raspberry Pi, Jetson NANO, and Arduino. Thus, the user can shorten or extend the robotic arm length because the aluminium alloy structure is detachable. Apart from this, the service provider also offers WiFi/Bluetooth modules, I2C and ultrasonic module interfaces, and a wireless controller receiver that makes it more unique.

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