Rapid Mixer Granulator: Working Principle, Types And Applications

Types Of Rapid Mixer Granulator

Granulation is a crucial step in the tableting process in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal, and chemical ones. A rapid mixer granulator is a necessity for granulation. These machinery pieces can do dry and wet mixing because of their ergonomic designs and minor construction.  

Additionally, you might just think of them as a long-term investment. When you take into account all the characteristics of the rapid or shear mixer granulator that are covered in this article, you may make wise purchasing judgments. 

Rapid mixer Granulator(RMG)

A high-shear mixer granulator is another name for a rapid mixer granulator. This mixer granulator’s primary function is to mix powder components and form them into granules. A tall shear blender granulator is another name for this. It is used in the manufacture of granules and blending.

As stated, it is the equipment used to combine and granulate powder components. The RMG produces granules by rising, whirling, and tumbling the particle material. When the mixing components are introduced, the high-speed rotation of the impeller and chopper permits the mixing process.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Operation Principle

  • After loading the materials into the RMG, the impeller causes the entire mixture to spin and tumble, resulting in the dispersion of all dry and wet granules.
  • The chopper breaks up large lumps created during wet mixing, and both the impeller and the chopper operate at modest speeds while adding the Binder solution.
  • Following the development of the wet mass, the impeller and chopper are operated at high speeds to get the desired size of granules.
  • The wet granules can then be expelled by driving the impeller through the exit situated on the side of the mixing bowl flush to the bottom.

Types Of Rapid Mixer Granulator

The RMG offered by Rapid mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India is classified based on the shape of the mixing bowl.

Dome type: A dome-type rapid-mixer granulator is a piece of equipment with a dome-shaped mixing bowl. The entire mixing, grinding, and granulation process takes place in one mixing basin.

Conical type: The conical shape of the mixing bowl distinguishes the conical type of shear mixer granulator. And all of the mixing takes place in this conical mixing bowl.

Circular-type: The circular type of shear mixer is named from the circular form of the mixing basin. This circular mixing bowl is where all of the mixing and grinding takes place.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator Is Classed Based On The Type Of Feed Particles.

Dry mixers granulator: This is a quick mixer granulator in which the feed is dry and all activities, such as grinding, chopping, and mixing, take place in dry form. And the production of dry powder particles occurs.

Wet mixer granulator: As the name implies, a wet mixer granulator is utilized when the mixing feed contains humidity or slurry, and the binder and solvent are used to aid in the creation of a wet mass of agglomeration.

Primary Applications of Rapid Mixer Granulator

These granulators are required in all industries due to their speedy mixing and excellent granulation. The following are some important applications for shear mixer granulators:

Pharmaceutical industry

Rapid mixer granulators are used in the pharmaceutical business to produce tablets and capsules by uniformly combining medication components and additional excipients. These devices combine granulating fluids such as alcohols, water, and powders to create consistent-size granules.

The nutraceutical industry

High-shear mixer granulators are used in the nutraceutical and herbal industries to uniformly combine vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other supplement powders in various liquids for the formation of pellets, pills, and supplement capsules.

Chemical industry

These machines are essential in the chemical industry for producing dishwashing tablets, chlorine pills, detergent tablets, paints, glues, and other products. Rapid mixer granulators are used to combine various chemical substances.

Food industry 

These systems are used in the food sector to mix various food powders, stabilizers, additives, preservatives, coloring agents, and other ingredients to make sauces, dressings, spice mixes, curry powder mixes, confectionaries such as chocolates or candies, and so on.

Cosmetics manufacturing

In a rapid mixer granulator, various cosmetic powders and pigments are evenly combined. Bath bombs, perfumes, face powders, and cosmetic treatments are frequently made with this equipment.

Agriculture sector

An RMG is used in the agriculture business to homogeneously combine and granulate various soil types, organic manure, feeds, herbicides, and insecticides.

To Sum Up

Rapid mixer granulators are adaptable machines that are commonly used in a variety of sectors for efficient mixing in a short period. These are high-performance granulator devices that use agitation and tumbling to mix particles and solvents. Impellers and choppers are two major components that help with the rapid spread of starting ingredients. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the role of an impeller and a chopper in RMG?

Impellers and choppers are in charge of granule creation and consistent mixing. Rapid mixer granulators are commonly employed in pharmaceutical manufacture. It is also known as a high-shear mixer since it is used to combine medicinal components and form granules before compression.

What are the uses of a rapid mixer granulator?

This is used to mix diverse components and make granules before condensing. It is employed in numerous procedures of powder granulation in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic production industries, as well as in general dry and wet mixing industries.

What are the key rapid mixer granulator parameters?

The granulation process parameters that must be monitored are impeller speed, chopper speed, water addition technique, and rate, massing (mixing) time, RMG load, feed material characteristics, and medication substance particle size.

What are the benefits of using a rapid mixer granulator?

Proper sealing devices on the RMG aid in reducing granule loss. The shear mixer granulator has automatic identification of the granulation process’s endpoint. After the procedure is completed, the equipment automatically discharges the granules.

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