6 Productive Ways to Make Airport Layovers Less Boring (and More Fun)

Airport Layovers

Travellers live in a world where nothing is said to be certain, including fares, accidents (Heaven forbid), and layovers. With more than 500,000 flight delays recorded globally each month, even those who rarely travel may also experience delays or even worse, cancellations of flight. 

Discovering new places and cultures is really fun. There?s no question in that, we have to admit. But before you set foot off the plane, you?ll find lines, rugged security, parking nightmares, and other annoyances waiting for you at the airport.  

So, how do you kill the time while waiting? I mean it won?t be hard to pass the time from layovers and cancelled flights when you have a good company but what if you fly solo?

My tip: it?s always good to have something to do to save you from going insane while waiting for a connecting flight or being stranded due to a flight delay. I swear your airport experience would never be the same with these fun, time-passing activities below:

Eat like a royal highness.

While it?s not ideal to eat at the airport as food are quite expensive and notoriously bad, there are still some exceptions to this rule. You can always look for eateries that serve some genuine and locally-inspired cuisines. Don?t be afraid to try something new, especially when you?re up for leisure and collecting new experiences from your trip. For those who just landed at London?s Heathrow Airport, there?s this restaurant called Plane Food which celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has put up. You can grab a Plan Food picnic and bring gourmet meals on the plane.     

Go shopping.

Take advantage of cancelled flights and layovers by dropping by to a wide variety of airport stores. Shopping can be a great way to pass time whether you?re window shopping or buying an ideal present for someone you plan on seeing during your trip. You can also find stores that offer crafts made by local designers.     

Relax in a club lounge.

This one is ideal for regular travellers that can be benefitting to join a rewards program that offers access to their airport lounge. The lounge provides comfortable chairs where you can sit back and relax, grab a platter of food, and binge-watch your favourite TV or movies series while waiting for your flight.???

Sit in a cafe.

Another great way to fill in the gap is by sitting in a cafe and chilling with mellow music while you catch up on your current favourite book or writing your in-draft blog post about your trip. You can also check out your photos if you?ve already been to the place and ready to fly home with some good pictures of memories. 

See the sights outside.

If you think you?ll be waiting for a few hours, why not leave the airport to see the sights outside? Some airports are offering fast and affordable minibus hires to reach the cities that serve as the best places for layover adventures. You can also choose to eat outside to avoid expensive dishes from the airport. You can also take the subway and explore the nearby cities on your own, go for a walk, visit the church, or shop local items. 

Work out.

You?re lucky enough if the airport is offering an exclusive yoga or fitness area for layover travellers. Spend your free time working out and stretching your bones to get your blood flowing after the previous flight. Or if you?re not shy about unfolding a yoga mat in front of the crowd, the quiet corner of an airport lounge is a great place for yoga in case the airport is not offering an appropriate facility. 

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