5 Problems Everyone Has With Car Wash � How To Solved Them

People tend to invest a lot of money in their cars. It is reported that the second biggest investment after a house purchase is buying a car. While on roads, your car can build up debris and mud that can damage the exterior surfaces. There can be small chips in your car’s windshield, and when debris accumulates in those chips, you may need to spend thousands of dollars on windshield replacement. The ideal way to prevent all these damages is to wash your car regularly. Unfortunately, a car wash is associated with its own flaws. This article will cover the top five problems of car wash along with their solutions. 

Top five issues with the car wash:

Your car’s paint is sensitive to harmful chemicals that are often present in low-quality shampoos and waxes. Doing it yourself can be more harmful to your car because you can damage your car’s paint and windshield. Even the automatic or drive-through car washes are not so efficient in preventing these unwanted damages. If you visit a car wash near you, ask them to follow the necessary precautions because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on costly repairs after the car wash. Following are the five biggest issues with the car wash, along with the solutions to prevent them:

  1. Scratches:   

Scratches are inevitable when you use brushes for scrubbing the car’s exterior. Even low-quality towels can cause scratches on your car. Most car wash centers don’t care about the cleanliness of the dry towels, and the mud accumulated in these towels is an enemy of your car’s paint. Scratches are almost unavoidable when you use the automated or drive-through car wash. The brushes of these machines become hard with time.

Solution: The ideal solution to prevent scratches is to use premium-quality towels. Try to purchase your own towels to ensure the maximum safety of your car’s exterior. Ask car wash centers if they regularly replace the brushes, as this is the only way to minimize scratches on an automatic or drive-through car wash machine.

  1. Water damages:

High-pressure water is used to clean the debris accumulated on your car’s surfaces. This high-pressure water can cause significant damages if your car’s paint is already in bad shape. If there is a chip present on your car’s exterior, it can get worse as the high-pressure water invades it.

Solution: Regularly wash your car because it will prevent the accumulation of nasty debris on your car’s external surfaces. Use regular car detailing services every five or six months to protect your paint from chips. Always dry your car properly so that there are no water drops left in hidden areas.

  1. Chemical damages:

This is by far the most important thing to consider if you really want to save your car from unnecessary damages. Car wash centers use different chemicals to bring shine to your car, but unfortunately, most of these chemicals are harmful to your car. These waxes and shiners are made up of acids that can only give a temporary shine. These acids can cause irreversible damages in the long run, and you may need to spend hundreds of dollars on paint correction.

Solution: You can find a top-rated car wash in Calgary or wherever you live. This will ensure the use of premium-quality products that are safe for your car. These centers don’t compromise on results and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  1. Unclear windshields:

Your car’s windshield is responsible for clear vision on the road. The foggy windshield can cause deadly accidents. If your car is not properly dried after washing, the odds are high that the water drops will ooze into the chips and cracks in your car’s windshield. This can spread the issue, and you may need a complete windshield replacement. If your car is exposed to direct sunlight, you can expect a nasty crack on your windshield if high-pressure water is thrown directly onto it.

Solution: Windshield chips and cracks happen quite often. Always spare time for regular inspection of your car’s windshield. Never take your car for a wash if it is standing for hours in direct sunlight. 

  1. Interior smell:

People often complain about a particular smell after a car wash. It happens because water drops are left in the hidden areas like window corners, door sides etc. These water drops are also contaminated with debris. When the service providers are in a rush, they may not focus on the proper drying of your car.

Solution: Leave your car doors open in a dry place. Clean even the interior surfaces of the windows and doors to ensure proper drying. It will remove the smell from your car’s interior.


Know these top five problems before visiting a car wash near you. It will help you in preventing unnecessary damages to your car’s exterior. These damages can also lead to costly replacements.

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