How To Prepare for A Simple Marriage Proposal

engagement rings

The proposal is a moment you’ll remember for a lifetime. Here are tips to make it a memorable moment.

Get the Perfect Ring

When you look for an engagement ring, it is important that you find one that represents your lady love. This may or may not take a while, however, it is always a good idea to get a head start on it. As you look at various options, you are sure to find one that somehow just feels right and simply perfect!

It would look like the perfect representation of the love you share, yet it could be hard to explain how! However, it is normal for you to feel a bit lost at the beginning. You may want to talk to a jewellery expert – look up engagement rings online if you wish, or just ask around. The experts should help you through the whole process and you’d go from being a lost case to being a pro!

Get Help from Friends

Not everyone does things the same way. When it comes to a proposal, some would treat it as an extremely personal affair, while some would actually prefer having a friend help them through it. The latter is never a bad idea. In fact, it might make matters a lot easier and ease some of your nerves.

Not to mention the fact that there’d be so much more excitement, especially when they are friends/family for life who are genuinely, whole heartedly happy, and excited for you both. The whole process becomes a lot more interesting, fun, and exciting, and you are likely to feel more assured that things will go just as smoothly on the day you are going down on your knees.


Not everyone believes in giving out a speech when making the big move, but if you do. You’d want to prepare well. Make sure you put together words that you truly mean and say the things that have always been in your heart. Let her know why you love her and what matters to you the most when it comes to you both as a couple.

Try not to overdo things, and just be honest. Keep your words simple and short. Once you feel you’ve put together the perfect speech, rehearse it a few times if you like just so the nerves won’t get the better of you in the big moment. You needn’t learn word by word by heart, but just know what to say and how. 

Discuss with Parents

As mentioned previously, not everyone’s lives are perfect. But if you are blessed with a family that loves and supports your decisions, you surely would want them to be part of this very special moment. Tell them of your plans – when and how you plan to do it all. Speaking with parents should also be helpful when it comes to choosing the ring. If there’s an heirloom ring that they’ve saved for you (many families follow this tradition) they’d tell you about it, too. 

Choose a Great Place and Capture the Moment Beautifully

Choosing a place for your proposal could take time, and it depends on your personal preferences. Again, you need to keep in mind the fancies and preferences of your partner. You should know if she’d like to stand at the top of a skyscraper, a fine restaurant, or just bare feet at the beach. Choose a destination based on her fancies and dreams.