The positives and negatives of non-stop flights

cheap non-stop flights

Flying is not as simple as catching your aircraft and landing at the destination. Just like the public transport in your city has to follow rules and laws, air travel has its terminology too. Once you have purchased your air tickets, you will have to spend time at the airports clearing various queues like those of check-in, security, and immigration, if you are traveling internationally. One of the terms “vuelos sin escalas” means that once your aircraft takes off, you will not be stopping anywhere and landing at your destination. As you can imagine, most people will prefer these over other flights when traveling, not just due to smaller travel time but also because these flights will be more convenient, in every way.

Some other terms

If you want to know that if these flights are what most people prefer, why are there other types of flights? Well, airlines like every other business want to earn as much money as they can, while making sure that you are comfortable flying with them. They will have stopovers, so the passengers will have more options for destinations, and at the same time, they will have the opportunity of having their empty seats by more passengers, as the number of those interested in these flights will be higher as people from more than one city will be interested in them.

The money side of flying

Also, the flights with stopovers will usually be cheaper than direct flights. This is because it will cause some inconvenience to you. If you are looking for cheap non-stop flights, you should know that they cost more than other flights. However, if you want to get these for less you should look for them early. The reason for this is that the more seats are available, the lower the airfare for you will be, as when fewer seats are available compared with the number of people interested in them, the airlines will not let go of the opportunity to make some more money. Another way of lowering the airfare yourself is that you can take advantage of special offers when the airlines or Online Travel Agencies announce them, like around Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates.

One way to fly comfortably

So, you will opt for these non-stop flights when you want to reach the destination quickly. The direct flights may stop mid-way for refueling or for de-boarding some passengers or bring some more onboard. However, that won’t be the case for non-stop flights. If these delays of an hour or more annoy you, imagine if you have to catch a connecting flight to get to the destination, or if you have to de-board the aircraft and board it again when it is ready for you. If you prefer viajes aéreos en primera clase, you will prefer non-stop flights too. You can also expect more direct flights when you fly domestically, than if you fly internationally, as these will be long-haul flights, which means that more fuel will be required.

Faster and convenient

The more you pay the more you expect. Flights for most people are costly affairs and having spent a reasonable amount, you will be expecting everything to be perfect. If you have booked First class flights, you will be paying many times over the prices of seats in other cabins. So, if you have to get down from the aircraft even for a short time, you will be annoyed. These seats are not on offer from low-cost airlines and even the major ones offer these seats when you are flying long-haul. Also, you will feel more comfortable if your aircraft takes off and then lands only once than if it has to go through this process again and again.    


The shortest routes from one point to another will be one without any stops on the way. On nonstop flights from New York to Los Angeles, you will not be stopping on the way, you will be stopping only at Los Angeles, your final stop. These are preferred by those who don’t want to waste any time and who feel that these are worth paying for. These won’t cost much more than flights with stopovers, but there will be some difference in the prices.