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Pets are absolute bliss by the lord almighty. Perhaps, the only gift that they can give to us is a social friend. Amidst fast life, where every person is competing with each other. It?s got quite difficult to interact with one other. The foremost reason is the busy lives of every human being.

As we all know that being social is necessary for our growth. Therefore, pet animals play an important role in enhancing our social entity to a greater level. The most popular among the category are dogs and cats. We must take care of them and groom them with longevity. It’s also quite important to make them stylish and let our social status boom to the highest level. Below I am listed few top accessories you can try to make your pets look extremely stylish and stand out in the crowd. Here they are. Have a look:-

Dog bandanas and bows

To protect your dog from all kind of dirt and drools, dog bandanas and bows comes handy in every season. The soaked up bandana in cold water can also protect your dog from extreme hot summers in addition to just looking stylish. It is made up of 100 % cotton cloth smooth and soft enough for your dog. Not only this, your doggy can feel breathable as well looking up in a market where bandanas sometimes can make your dog breathless. Many varieties are there on Paws and Whiskers that you can try according to the customed theme. It is suitable for your dog to a neck diameter of 58 cm. But it’s always recommended to consult us before placing an order and we will assist you with the appropriate bandana size. Comes in various attractive colors and design with price range starting from $8.99.

The most expensive being priced at $15.99. In that, we have got Christmas themed dog bandana. The pleasing Christmas themed print is sheer hard work from our team and as a result, we get charming designs for you. Not only for these purposes, but our dog bandanas and bows can also be useful for taking your dog out for a walk or stroll around in the evening.

Dog Shoes with Adjustable Shoelace

yet another vital product, the Dog Shoes with Adjustable Shoelace is a must-have for every doggy owner. The dogs love to roam around here and there so it’s important to keep their feet safe from any dangerous or sharp object, gravel, and other rough surfaces. These dog shoes are quite safe and anti-skid and your doggy would feel comfortable while stepping its feet ahead. Available in various designs ranging from XS to XL. But it’s highly recommended to consult us before selecting any size to get better assistance and we will guide you accordingly. Not only this, but it is also available in two different colors according to your choice.

Our product is made of strong breathable material enough for your doggy to feel relaxed while wearing them. Combined with an adjustable shoelace that can be adjusted according to your dog foot size. Somehow, it?s a must-have for every dog owner who is willing to let their doggy feet fully protected from extreme and harsh weather also giving them the extra edge in terms of elegancy. One of the highest selling product from paws and whiskers, grab it before its get sold out completely. Priced at merely $22.99 but worth your expectation rather than keeping your doggy feet bare and prone to excessive harsh conditions.

Adorable Costume for Cats ?

A highly recommended cat accessories for your kitty friend. These costumes are a must-have for your cat. Having many customed design that can not only make your cat look stylish and beautiful but also protect it from chilly winters and dirt and specks of dust. For every party theme, we have different lovely costumes. Like for cowboy outfits to sailor clothes, we do have everything perfectly suited for your daily trending styles. It is made of the best in the industry 100% cotton enabling smooth and comfortable wearable for your feline friend. Once you get this lovely costume, I am sure you won?t resist later on and will thank Paws and Whiskers for it. Pricing at $18.99 but worth every buck of your money. It is also quite easy to maintain and washable.

Denim Dog Jacket for Small Puppies

goosebumps! Right? As we all adore denim clothes. Whichever occasion we go for, denim always remains our first choice. Whether it?s the jean or the jacket, somehow elegancy always rocks the floor. But what if, that same denim is bestowed on our lovely and cute pup. True! Paws and whiskers have created something unique from humans giving that sense of human touch to our puppy. This denim jacket not only looks stylish and great but also helpful in harsh climates and various dust. Once you take your pup out for a long walk, it will gain a lot of attention from society. Available in various colors and sizes. As always, it’s vital to consult our team before choosing the appropriate size. We can guide you rightly. The denim material is quite soft and flexible enabling easy movement of your puppy. Even while sleeping too, our denim jacket can come in handy endowing your pup with the best sleep as ever. Pricing at $20.99 but don?t go just its price. I have a lot to offer once you buy this.

Above are some of the highly-rated accessories for making your pet look extremely stylish unique when they go out in public. Paws and Whiskers have made it possible for you. One of the top eCommerce platforms globally having every required accessory for the smooth development of your pet. Stay tuned for much more as more products are awaiting your door only from Paws and Whiskers.

Thanks for your precious time in glimpsing through the whole content. I am sure, you have found it interesting and joyful. Do share it all and let the pets be at every home and highly social stature be bestowed to everyone. Visit- Paws and Whiskers

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