Guide To Select Perfect Concrete Floor Finishes For Your Home

concrete floor finishes

Every homeowner desires to build a beautiful home while maintaining a budget. This dream can be fulfilled by minimizing the expenses on construction materials. However, you can get high-quality materials at a reasonable price. 

Concrete is the best choice if you want economical yet cost-effective flooring. This material works wonders for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. But, the gray texture of the concrete is not always likable. 

So, if you want to add color to your home, use the various styles of Concrete Floor Finishes to transform the concrete entirely. Wondering which type will be suitable for your place and how to select them? Do take the advice of professionals to avoid making mistakes. 

Additionally, we are also helping you out through this blog with some tips and details about different types of concrete finishes. Keep reading further!

Considerations For Choosing Concrete Floor Finishes Perfect For Your Home


One of the first considerations for selecting the right concrete floor finishes for your home must be appearance. What type of look you want of your flooring is important in this process. The floors must be aesthetic and appealing. 

Several types of concrete floor finishes are available in the market which vary in versatile designs, colors, and shapes. Pick the one that completely matches your preference. For instance, if you prefer shiny flooring, polyurethane or epoxy finish can be the most suitable choice. 

Besides this, for the colorful look of the floors, acid staining is the best idea. Therefore, before selecting a specific concrete floor finish, always decide whether it is desirable to fulfill your requirements. 


Durability should be the second consideration when it comes to choosing the best concrete floor finishes for your place. A durable material assures long-lasting functionality for many years. None other than a concrete slab can be the best option. 

Concrete can resist wear and tear. In addition, it can hold against various factors such as humidity, heavy loads, etc. So, choose the particular concrete floor finishes that match the lifespan of your concrete slab. Not only will it function for decades but also saves you money. 

Hardness And Resistance

Hardness and resistance must be the next factor to consider when deciding the type of concrete floor finishes for your place. The right material must be tough in texture to resist any damages. Additionally, it should withstand dent formation when loading any furniture or tools. 

On the other hand, being a resistant material should be another consideration. An ideal concrete finish should have resistance to moisture and fire. A moisture resistant feature will help prevent the growth of mold. Thus, effective for the kitchens and bathrooms where water is used regularly. 

Besides this, the concrete floor finishes must be fire-resistance. With such building materials, there is no need to worry about flooring catching the fire and getting burnt.

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The Best Way to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home


Always keep the functionality of your space in mind. So, consider the foot traffic if you have a big family. If there is a lot of foot traffic, choose concrete floor finishes that are resistant to slipping. This will reduce the risk of fall accidents. 

Among the different concrete finishes, broom finish has the highest slip resistance. If you want to add them to your guest areas for elegance, polished concrete with marble stains is the ideal choice. 


No doubt, everyone would like to keep their home clean. The selection of concrete floor finishes will resolve this aspect. The right material must be stain-resistant not absorbent. 

There is some finishing material that easily absorbs oil, grease, or any liquid spills. This makes it hard to remove them from the floor surface. So, opt for a material which is effortless to maintain and does not lead to permanent stain formation. 

Well, do you want to know about the variety of concrete floor finishes? Let’s learn them below! 

Different Types Of Concrete Floor Finishes

Stamped Concrete Finish

The stamped concrete finish gives a textured or patterned look in different shapes of stones. It seems like paver stones, slate, brick, tiles, or can imitate any patterns. 

There are multiple designs and styles available in the stamped finish which adds aesthetic beauty to your home interior. In addition, they can be customized according to the stains, colors, and sealants of your choice. 

Polished Concrete Finish

The other best finish for your residential areas is the polished finish. It promises great durability and stability to your floors which eases maintenance too. 

Polishing concrete is not just a process of coating. There is a grinding process using a special tool which results in a glossy floor. This mechanical procedure is done by grinding and polishing the surface with chemicals to give various textures in concrete. 

Exposed Aggregate Finish

In this finish, professionals use natural stones or a variety of additives and incorporate them into the concrete. Though it results in a rough finish but is very appealing and engaging. 

It is easy to select the colors and different patterns of aggregates, allowing you to customize your concrete floor as per your liking. Best for the balconies or terraces!

Swirl Concrete Finishes

These concrete floor finishes tend to give circular patterns and make the surface anti-slippery. Best to add to your home, if you live in those areas where monsoon hits the most.

During the monsoon season, the chances of slip are more. So, best to add your home garages as vehicle movement is unexpected and is prone to slip accidents. 

Acid Staining Finish

When you acid stain your concrete surface, it entirely gives a compelling look. It can offer the effect of marble and beautify your concrete using varieties of textures, colors, or tones. 

Basically, acid staining is most common in interior areas. 

Summing Up

Though, selecting the best concrete floor finish can be a little challenging. You need to make sure it fulfills the appearance you desire while also ensuring durability. Additionally, the material should resist wear and tear and all types of stains. 

So, do consider all these factors to get the right finish for your home. 


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