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    You just bought a new house and you want to invite some guests for a celebration. Suddenly you realize that you have a patio which is not fitting in the overall appeal of your home. Decking is your answer that can help you to cover up any non-fitting part and add to the overall aesthetics of your house. Let us find out more about this fantastic option.

    Reasons to Have a Deck in the House

    • Increment in your property value: People who are buying an independent house always look for outdoor living spaces. A carefully designed deck will get you much more than what you spent on it.
    • Great to socialize: Decking provides you an additional outdoor party space. Just add some chairs or throw some rugs and you are good to go for a party. You can enjoy BBQs with friends or spend time with family.
    • Closer to nature: Decks are mostly made of wood, and when you touch this wood, you always feel closer to nature. Plan it well with plants around it and you would never want to leave this space.
    • Durable and maintainable: Decks do not break or crack easily and usually last for decades. You can always change or add to it.

    Types of Patio Decks Materials

    There are mainly three types of materials used for making decks, wood, composite, and PVC. You need to choose the right type based on your requirements and budget.

    • Wooden Deck: Hardwood decking is the choice of people who love outdoors and want a close to nature yet maintainable product. Multiple hardwood types are available for you to choose from. Spotted Gum, Teak, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Merbau are the ones that are the choice of designers and contractor?s world over. Beautiful designs can be created using marking and grains of the wood.

    You need to ensure that the wood used to make your deck is pressure treated to last longer and able to hand natural element. If the deck is a ground contact one, you need to ensure that it is treated for fungal decay, termites and rots.

    • Composite Deck: Composite Boards are made up of wood and polypropylene. You can get them in unique colours and different patterns that are closer to nature. They are more durable then wooden counterparts and count higher on lesser maintenance side. They also score more on elasticity and rupture scale in comparison to their PVC counterparts. Other benefits include less prone to stains, and they do not fade easily.
    • PVC Deck: PVC deck is minimal on maintenance and they mostly use Cellular PVC that is available since the 1960?s. They have addressed issues of fading and mould. This type of patio deck does not contain any cellulose component from wood. They have high strain resistance. You just need to wash it. Another benefit is high scratch resistance in comparison to composite decks. They are high rated for fade resistance and last for 25 years without losing their outer lamination.

    Shall I do the Decking Myself?

    You can surely do the decking yourself, but this demands a particularly good understanding of material, construction process and patience. There are many things that come with the process, like choice of screws, railings, lighting, and connecting decks. If you have not done before or not planned right, you will lead to a lot of mess on your site. There are many architects and contractors available nationwide, who can help you to choose the right material, guide you through the right designs, and can get you your dream deck ready in your budget.

    Undoubtedly, decking is an excellent choice when you have outdoor space that you want to make functionally useful, add to your outdoor living space, or just want to add a new look to your property. It is one of the many things that you would love about your new house and would love to flaunt.


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