Partner Visa Application Process – How to Apply?

Partner Visa Lawyers

Australia is a welcoming country to build a home with your partner. Both heterosexual and same-sex couples can get a partner visa in Australia without much trouble. But several people willing to move to Australia are unaware of how to apply for a partner visa.

Individuals can apply for a permanent or temporary partner visa depending on their eligibility and requirements. But one has to be at least 18 to apply for a partner visa. Dive deeper to learn more about the overall procedure to apply for a partner visa in Australia and more.

Different Types of Partner Visa

The different types of partner visas to settle in Australia are as follows:

  • Temporary Partner Visa

You might want to stay with your partner or spouse in Australia before getting a permanent visa. In that case, visa subclass 820 will be useful for you. The visa also lets you work inside Australia.

  • Visa subclass 801 or Permanent Partner Visa

Visa subclass 801 enables onshore applicants to settle permanently in Australia with their partners. But before getting a permanent partner visa, you will have to stay with them temporarily on the visa subclass 820. Both de facto partners and spouses are eligible for this visa.

  • Visa subclass 100 or Partner Migrant Visa

Visa subclass 100 is for offshore applicants. When you have been outside of Australia and want to enter Australia to stay with your partner, you can apply for this visa. After moving to the country with this visa, you will be able to sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia as permanent residents.

  • Partner Provisional Visa

If you are a spouse or partner of a permanent resident or citizen resident of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand, you can stay in the country temporarily with visa subclass 309. This visa will be available as long as you are waiting for your permanent visa approval.

  • Visa subclass 300 or Prospective Marriage Visa

Visa subclass 300 enables the fiance of an Australian resident to visit Australia and get married. Applicants can stay in Australia for up to 9 months with this visa subclass.

Conditions of Partner Visas

Anyone married to a permanent resident or citizen of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand can apply for a partner visa. Anyone who is planning to marry them or is in a de facto relationship can also apply for a partner visa in Australia. But before you know how to apply for a partner visa, learn some general conditions to meet for eligibility:

  • A partner visa applicant must have sponsorship from a de facto partner who is already residing in Australia.
  • The sponsorship needs to be for at least two years and not a day less than that.
  • Both the sponsor and applicant need to be 18 years or above.
  • The applicant and the sponsor need to have a relationship of at least 12 months. The sponsor and the applicant need to prove the duration of the relationship to the immigration authorities.
  • Apart from submitting genuine documents of their relationship to the authorities, the couple must be able to answer certain questions promptly in front of the immigration authorities.
  • The immigration authorities demand satisfactory proof of marriage or relationship with a sense of mutual commitment.

Partner Visa Processing Time

The processing time of partner visas is not fixed for applicants. On average, the processing time ranges between 16 months to 24 months. Some factors influencing the processing time are as follows:

  • Ability to complete a list of documents with the application
  • Promptness of the applicant in offering additional information
  • Time required to obtain information from additional sources like national security, health, background, character, and more
  • The time required to complete background check formalities depends on the information provided by the applicant.
  • Places available with the authorities for the partner migration programme
  • The authenticity of the information and documents submitted by the applicant with the application

It is wise not to make travel arrangements such as booking tickets, hotels, and more before receiving positive news from the authorities.

Steps to Lodge a Partner Visa Application in Australia

The right steps to lodge a partner visa application in Australia are as follows:

Step 1: Arrange Your Documents

You will have to submit a wide range of documents while applying for a partner visa. Submitting all the right documents makes your visa or immigration process faster and more hassle-free. The most important documents that Partner Visa Lawyers will ask you to submit with the application are as follows:

  • Joint bank account statements
  • Proof of jointly owned assets like real estate
  • Joint undertakings like a joint a lease
  • Joint liabilities, such as mortgages
  • Naming each other as beneficiaries in insurance plans or wills
  • Bills, receipts, invoices, and more
  • Letters and invitations
  • Photos
  • Flight tickets as proof of joint vacations
  • Letters or emails to each other
  • Records of telephonic conversations
  • Social media interactions with one another

While submitting some of these documents is mandatory, it’s good to provide the others to avoid application rejection.

Step 2: Lodge the Application

You can submit your partner visa application online. While submitting the application, you will also have to pay the fees. Apart from the application fee, you might have to bear additional fees like the cost of health checkups and police verification.

Step 3: Learn the DHA’s Decision

Once you submit the partner visa application, you will have to wait for the DHA to make its decision. It might be months before you know whether your application got approved or rejected. Therefore, it’s always better to lodge your application well in advance.

Step 4: Wait for Approval

After getting approval from the DHA, you can get your visa and go ahead accordingly. A partner visa can take around a year to get processed before it is granted.

Ending Note

If you want a smooth application process, partner visa lawyers in Perth can help you. With years of experience and relevant skills, the lawyers can answer all your queries regarding a partner visa. Contact them to increase your chances of getting a partner visa after applying for the first time.