Painting Tricks to Change the Size of Your Room

Paint may do more than just change the color of the walls to transform a place. People may be aware of how various colors and hues may change the atmosphere of a space, but they may be unaware that it can also be used to ostensibly modify its physical size!

You may change the sense of a room’s size by employing different paint colors in different sections of the space. It is possible, for example, to make tiny rooms look larger than they are, or to make long rooms appear broader. So, if you’re like most people and don’t have every room in your house the right size and form, perhaps these easy paint tips from home painting service in Kolkata can assist.

Here are some pointers on how to use paint to modify the size of a room.

Make a small room appear larger by painting it white

A tried-and-true method used by interior designers is to use white paint to make a small room appear larger. White layers are reflective, enabling light to tumble around the space. By coloring both the ceiling and the walls white, you can create a sense of openness and airiness in even the most confined spaces. Ask your painting contractors in Kolkata to achieve the same.

Light colors can also create a sense of space

If too much white is not the right fit for you, other light and neutral tones will do a similar job of reflecting light and creating a sense of space in a room. This category includes colors like soft yellow, cool blue and light beige.

You can increase the impact by combining the paint with upholstery, furniture and other complementing elements.

Darker paints can be used to make a large room appear smaller and cozier

You may fantasize about a cozy, intimate lounge, but the room is far too large. Painting the walls and ceiling darker colors appears to bring the walls and ceiling into the room more. A matte finish, rather than a sheen finish, will also help with this. 

A further simple idea to try is to rearrange the furniture to divide the large space into smaller sections by arranging the furniture in more intimate sections. Bring a book shelf out into the room to create a divider to create a reading area-turned-study, or move the sofas and chairs away from the room’s corners into a relatively close square to create a cozy gathering space.

How to make a low ceiling appear higher

If you have a low ceiling, decorate it with white paint or a color that contrasts well with the walls. This makes the ceiling appear brighter and thus higher than it is. You can intentionally paint the walls slightly darker than you intended to create a greater contrast. Also, try using a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish paint because the surface will reflect light and make the ceiling appear taller than it is.

Another method is to extend the ceiling all the way down the wall. This can be accomplished by drawing a line 6 inches down from the ceiling around the room and filling this space with the same light colored paint.

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