How I make my own organic lip-gloss at home

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    No one likes chapped lips, never heard of one person who likes cracked or sore lips. Cracked lips or cheilitis is a condition when our body fails to produce enough keratin and collagen around the lips. Keratin is vital for smooth appearance of skin, hair and nails. As a result of lack of keratin our lips start to chap and crack. Unfortunately, I?ve been struggling with the condition all my life. There is hardly a lip-moistening product at Sephora that I haven?t tried. Now the thing with commercially available lip-glosses and lip balms is that they contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals that may cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin (which yours truly has).

    I kept on struggling until I discovered the art of making organic DIY lip balms. I perfected the recipe over years by testing it again and again. 


    For my organic lip-gloss, I use:

    • Organic olive oil
    • Grapeseed oil
    • Organic coconut oil
    • Organic shea butter
    • Organic beeswax
    • Organic honey
    • Food coloring or beetroot
    • Natural fragrance or essential oils.
    • A pinch of old lipstick (adding this means you lip gloss will not be entirely organic)
    • Glitter (optional)

    The process:

    Put all the ingredients (except honey, coloring, and fragrance) into a non-reactive pan i.e. a steel pan works best. Put it over a pot of boiling hot water. 

    Note: Never heat the ingredients directly over stove/fire.

    Keep stirring the ingredients gently with a popsicles or wooden spatula.

    When the ingredients melt, add honey into the mixture while stirring it gently. It might take a while for honey to mix, as it is not easily soluble with oils and wax.

    When the mixture becomes homogenous, add pinch of coloring or lipstick (whatever you prefer).

    Stir it again

    Add fragrance at the end and stir some more.

    Take the mixture off the heat.

    Let it cool for a couple of hours.

    The organic lip-gloss is ready to use.

    Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes for homemade product:

    The biggest issue I faced was with lip gloss packaging boxes for storing my organic gloss. I was using old empty lip balm containers for it. I don?t like my gloss to be too thick and use small amount of beeswax (and more grapeseed oil) which means it doesn?t solidify like balm. I couldn?t keep it in my bag/purse due to the fear of it running all over my things.

    The problem persisted until I decided to search online for the solution. There is a forum for people who like to make DIY cosmetics. At this online forum, they addressed packaging issues for all kinds of homemade organic cosmetics. This is where I found out about packaging companies, who offer custom packaging (both primary and secondary) for lip-glosses at very economical rates, and there was no order restriction of a minimum quantity.

    I called the company and asked if I could get a sample packaging first. They sent me ten sample containers to select from. These were regular glass and plastic containers with wand applicator. I selected one hexagonal glass container with a sturdy wand.

    During the selection process for packaging, I had a strange idea; what if I could make a video about my organic lip-gloss and post it online. Now one might say this is not the most authentic of ideas, as quarantine has affected us all and to fight boredom everyone is posting stuff over social media. I still wanted to give it a try though.

    The power of social media:

    I made a time-lapse video of the complete process and then showed the end-product in that beautiful custom lip gloss container. I used ?George? (my dog) as an assistant in the video. The video had almost 30k hits in less than 48 hours. I wasn?t expecting such an overwhelming response.

    There were multiple people asking in the comments section if I was selling my product or if I had any plans to start a business. To be honest, I never planned on it, but this overwhelming response got me thinking. I decided to take it slow, made an Instagram page where I took my first ten orders.

    My product got me very positive reviews and feedback as it was free from any harmful ingredients or preservatives and kept lips moisturized for longer.


    Now I am a proud owner of a small organic lip-gloss manufacturing business. It?s not a huge but I have made a name for my brand. Now I make chocolate and vanilla flavored lip glosses and the custom packaging I ordered is the best investment I made.

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