Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Embroidered Apparel for a Trade Show

custom embroidered apparel

Custom clothing for your business can be the perfect marketing tool during a trade show. It’s the ideal way to represent your business in a trade show without too much effort or high costs.

Finding custom embroidery services that are suitable for your needs can be challenging, and you may end up making mistakes that can destroy the whole outcome for your business. Look for services in reputed websites like https://customgear.com.au/printing/embroidery.html that offer end-to-end services, including sourcing the material and shipping the products to you.

Keep these factors in mind to avoid making some fatal mistakes when ordering custom embroidered apparel for a trade show. 

Don’t Settle for Low Quality

When ordering custom-embroidered apparel, the clothes must be made of durable and comfortable material. If what you’re ordering ends up being uncomfortable or prone to tears, it’ll make people hesitant even to take one. 

Low-quality clothing can also ruin your business image in no time. Choose high-quality and affordable clothing to protect your business image and show others that your business is all about quality.

Keep the Branding Consistent

If your business or brand mainly keeps its branding limited to specific colours and fonts, it’ll be odd when your custom embroidered clothing doesn’t reflect that. Often, you may be constrained by the supplier you’re working with.

Find services that offer a great variety at a range of prices that can help you keep your branding consistent on all levels. It can help people identify the custom-embroidered clothing with your business at one glance, instead of being confused by the difference between your normal marketing colours and embroidered apparel. 

Know the Design Process

When you’re unaware of the embroidery process and how the company you’re entrusting the responsibility to is handling the process, it can cause problems with quality and consistency. 

Many embroidery services offer to help you out with the design as well. You can provide them with your vision, and they take care of the rest. They can also help suggest which material and clothing type will best suit the embroidery design you have in mind. 

Research Beforehand

Ensure that all the items you’re ordering will be using the same standard embroidery process with the same result. You can’t have different embroidery results on your clothing that have the same design. Asking for a sample before placing a bulk order can also ensure that you know what will be provided. 

You can also research popular clothing items and materials used in custom embroidered apparel ahead of time. It can prepare you for what will be required of you and make your clothing a hit during the trade show.

Ask Questions

Asking questions before you entrust any service with the responsibility of your custom embroidered clothing order is essential to ensure you’re not surprised at the result. Ask for their range of prices and what kind of materials they provide.

If you have any specific requests, clear them out before placing your order and ensure that they understand your business and concept fully before they get to work completing your order.

Also, ask the expected time it will take for your order to complete. Since trade shows start and end on specific dates, it’s better to order ahead of time to ensure there are no problems right before you’re scheduled to appear at a trade show.