Which Open Gym Equipment Is Best For A Middle-Aged Person For Exercise?

A human body is no less than any machine. This is one of the best example to explain metaphor. A human body, as it ages, requires maintenance and that is possible with adopting healthy lifestyle. To provide a helping hand, the newly trending Open Gym Equipment have helped the youths and middle-aged person to keep oneself healthy and fit. Before getting into the read, let?s just clear the idea of middle-aged person. This refers to individuals who have entered the age bracket of 45 years to 65 years. The outdoor gyms are an organized fitness group that help you get fit, and also an excellent space for interaction.

There are various types of equipment, all designed to meet different requirements of the human health. There are some that help in strengthen heart, some help in building stamina, some with flexibility and balance, others with bone density and muscular strength. Most of the medical professionals recommend cardio exercises, but this does not support negligence toward progressive resistance training. Here is a list of equipment that our middle-aged people can use for healthy self, along with important tips to prevent accidents. Prior to any exercise, make sure you give your body a nice warm up session with some rhythmic movements and stretches.

Types of Open Park Exercise Equipment for Middle-Aged Person

Outdoor Recumbent Bike –

This provides complete support to back and is a great cardiovascular piece. You get to sit in a relaxed position without putting strain on your knees and back. Focusing on the cardiovascular benefits of cycling, the Outdoor Recumbent Bike also helps in stabilizing muscles. Thus, you are assured of benefits like good posture, alignment, decreased pain, etc. Start with small sessions and take few breaks. Thereafter you can opt for long sessions as you would feel strengthening of your thighs, calves and glutes.?

Double Cross Skier Machine –

This is best for full body workout. The large and rhythmic muscle movements ensure effective aerobic exercise. One can burn extra calories, control weight, strengthen heart and control the blood pressure levels with Double Cross Skier Machine. According the health experts, a middle-aged person should incorporate both moderate intensity as well as vigorous intensity activities in their gym sessions.

T’ai Chi Spinners –

This is also a fun exercising machine that you can enjoy alone or with your gym partner. This helps in boosting brain cells and also create coordination between wrists, arms and shoulders. The spinning wheels go both-ways, i.e., clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Hip Twister –

The Hip Twister open gym machine is a fun way to enjoy full body exercise. You only need to firmly hold the handle, step on the twisters, and start twisting clockwise and anticlockwise, keep your arms firm.

Resistance Stepper –

In the range of cardio fitness, the Resistance Stepper is of great help. Along with strengthening the legs, the resistance stepper helps in the toning of legs. This is a complete lower body workout machine. The unit is designed to improve balance, coordination and flexibility. Additionally, this also helps in cardiovascular workout and puts less impact on knees.

Double Air Walker Machine –

In the complete range of Open Air Gym Equipment, the Double Air Walker Machine is popular. It is very gentle on joints and thus, works on legs, hip flexors, glutes, lungs and heart. Make sure you firmly hold the handles and step with one foot on and thereafter placing the other foot to get in motion. It allows two people to work out together, thus you can enjoy this exercise with your gym partner.

Before jumping onto any Open Gym Machine, make sure you take help of the trainer or expert available there. The open gyms will not only help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also get social with the youths and people of your age-group. Some open gyms are spacious, thus also offer space for some sports such as tennis, rackets, etc. You can also participate in these sports that will help in improving coordination, flexibility and calm your senses. Also be very cautious and if you are using machine for the very first time, make sure you have someone to attend help you with the correct use of the machine for effective result and removing the chances of accidents.

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