Different Concepts That Arise With Online Reputation Management Of A Brand

Businesses nowadays pay a lot of attention to their online reputation management. Quite good it is. Just like you are desperate about your business reputation offline, you should have the same zeal for your online reputation as well. In fact, we would say, you must have a better zeal for the former in comparison with the latter.

This is when marketers announce a team meeting to analyze the brand performance and to come to a conclusion about what more is needed and what should be excluded. Now, guys, when you talk about ORM, different concepts automatically pave their way to get highlighted.

Before you reach out to hire the best reputation management company in your area and outsource the services, we would like to put enlightenment on the concepts related to this. Just be with us. We would have real fun!

Different concepts related to online reputation management

1. Public relations: How is your brand�s public relations in the marketplace? Is it wow? Or is it so-so? Public relations matter a lot, especially when it comes to the brand’s reputation. And to build good and strong public relations, it is necessary to create positive press releases, editorials, and news stories. They all have a strong influence on your public relations.

It doesn�t take time for the press to highlight a brand negatively. They can simply come up with some negative press content, enhancing all your negative reviews and negative brand mentions. Therefore, you must have good public relations in order to stop the promotion of your brand negatively.

 Use proactive strategies to suppress negative content and promote your brand online. Remember, media and journalism have a lot of power. So, building a strong relationship with them is vital.

2. Negative SEO: Search engine optimization is usually considered positive. It indeed has a great impact on reputation management. Simply by enhancing the placement of website rankings at the top, the strategy builds a strong reputation for the brand. However, this particular objective can be fulfilled with some negative strategies as well. This is what you call negative SEO.

Negative SEO refers to the black hat techniques that are used to drive the website rankings higher and create a competitive edge for the brand online. This is completely an unethical way to bring rank-driven results.

Some prominent black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, copying of website content, site de-indexing, hacking the site, and many more. Unethically attaining higher rankings is completely prohibited by the popular search engine. Google can even penalize the business for this. 

3. Online reviews: Do your customer reviews visible online? If not, do this now! Many businesses have a tendency to hide customer reviews from the audience. This is where they go wrong.

When you are serious about your online reputation, you should also be serious about your online reviews. Your customer reviews online have the potential to draw in more customers to the doorstep and establish brand credibility. It will hardly take time to spread brand recognition online.

People are now relying on online reviews before making any purchase. They visit the Google review section, read the Facebook recommendations, and go through other review generating sites where the reviews are mentioned. Only if they find some positive vibe, they place their order. Or else, they quit. Therefore, online reviews have a significant role in setting up a reputation for the brand.   

4. Social media management: Social media has a powerful influence on online reputation. It is said that a business with strong consistency on social media can build good brand visibility online. It takes very little time for such a brand to enhance its online presence and spread brand recognition among the potential audience.

 If you are highly cautious about your reputation score, you must not take social media so lightly. You must be surprised, but social media has the power to improve your search engine rankings. Yes, the more you can make yourself visible to your targeted audience, the more you can build your brand presence online, the more you get a chance to score top rankings. Somehow, it reflects! So, manage your social media activities properly and enjoy a good brand reputation online.


From negative content to spambots and negative SEO, everything creates a positive and negative impact on the brand’s online reputation. Therefore, when you are thinking about fixing your issues, make sure you find these typical problems and work on them perfectly.

Reputation management cost is not pocket-pinching. Yes, definitely you have to pay a few bucks to manage your ORM experts. But you won’t feel distressed with the loss of money. The entire process if properly done will worth every penny you spend on the experts.

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