5 Different Types Of Online Business Listing Sites To Earn Profit

    Online Business Listing

    Running a business online or better if we say, implementing the digital marketing strategies for a particular business is not as easy as it seems to. The marketer needs to plan out the steps accurately so as to enjoy significant growth in his business.

    To ensure successful digital marketing, a proper website is designed. But do you think this is enough to kickstart your business online? Unless you build up your brand presence online, there is no meaning of running a website and expecting great traffic. That?s the reason why a digital marketing agency pays more attention to business listing on online business directories. 

    Online business listing directories are highly responsible for building brand awareness, enhancing brand visibility, and boosting SEO. For every business or industry, there are specific types of business directories online. Let’s talk about them in detail.

    5 Different categories of online business listing directories

    1. Google My Business: Google My Business is the most popular and free business listing site preferred by marketers. The tool enables the users to list their business name so that the search engine can display the brand on Google Maps and Google local search.

      Perhaps you have noticed the top results of the search engine. It usually shows the local businesses in a list form. If you want to add your brand name to that list and let your targeted audience discover your business, Google My Business is the perfect tool.

      Google My Business allows all your potential customers to notice your business and get engaged. The best thing is you can attract traffic from both mobile and desktop devices.
    2. Yelp: Another free business listing site that improves brand visibility online is Yelp. Do you have a small-scale business? If yes, Yelp can be the perfect listing site to type your brand name.

      Through Yelp, you can not just showcase your brand online but even communicate with your customers, personalize your profile, and establish your brand credibility. Advertising your brand on Yelp needs no special mention.

      Yelp helps your online business to appear on iPhone Apple Maps, displaying the customer reviews online. These reviews are enough to help your prospects to take their decision regarding their purchases.
      ?You can start using Yelp free of cost but you can even use its premium version to get a certified business taboo and enhanced profile views, quality leads, and traffic.
    3. Facebook: How can you forget about the popular social media channel ? Facebook? It is not just a social channel to make connections but even a powerful platform to list your business online. It is referred to as the best local and general business directory which can be used to build brand presence.
      Create a business account on Facebook along with a business page. Posting regularly and being active consistently can help you a lot to gain the attention of the targeted audience. The platform allows you to share and post content, perform social activities, generate customer reviews, add business ratings, and finally build brand engagement.

      Facebook displays your brand name or business page whenever a user filters out the searches by location, type, etc. Customers can easily find your business, leave reviews, add ratings, and get engage with your posts and content.
      Nothing can be better than this free business listing directory.
    4. City Search: If you are looking for a city guide where you can find business related to restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and pampering, City Search can be your business guide. No matter what your business looks like, if it is related to the categories mentioned above you can certainly prefer this site.
      City Search allows you to promote your business by throwing events, ads, and deals. It can track visitors and find their original sources from where they are generated. It even analyzes the time they spend on your business page and optimize the things accordingly.

      City Guide is thus a business listing cum traffic monitoring tool.
    5. Glassdoor: Job seekers usually follow Glassdoor to find reviews, add reviews, and to get an insight into the organization. It is definitely a very popular review generating site but at the same time, it works as a business listing directory.

      Glassdoor displays the business profile with its additional information on Google searches. Whenever a user types the business name, this particular site gets displayed on SERPs. Other than adding reviews, you can use Glassdoor to share photos, achievements, status updates, and other information related to the organization.


    Online listing business directories contain a huge amount of data. You can witness them in the form of listings under different categories.

    Don?t you like to amplify your business presence online? Don?t you want your business to get discovered by your targeted audience?

    If yes, don?t miss out on listing your brand name under the appropriate category of business directories.

    Hire the white label services and get the help of business listing experts to take care of your business.   

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