How to Change the Oil Filter on Your Hero Passion Plus?

hero passion plus

Your Hero Passion Plus is a reliable companion, but just like any machine, it needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. One crucial aspect of this upkeep is changing the oil filter, which traps harmful contaminants and ensures clean oil reaches your engine. It removes dirt, metal shavings, and other debris that circulate in the oil, preventing them from causing wear and tear. Regularly changing it ensures optimal engine performance, protects against costly repairs, and extends your bike’s lifespan.

This blog will guide you through the process, from understanding its importance to the nitty-gritty steps of replacement.

Why is Bike Maintenance Matters?

Among the latest bikes in India, the Hero Passion Plus is a bike loved by many. Neglecting regular maintenance, including oil filter changes, can lead to:

  • Reduced engine life: Contaminated oil accelerates wear and tear.
  • Performance loss: Clogged filters restrict oil flow, affecting power and efficiency.
  • Increased fuel consumption: A struggling engine burns more fuel.
  • Potential breakdowns: Ignoring warning signs can lead to expensive repairs.

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When to Change the Filter

It’s important to know the right time to change the oil filter to ensure that you don’t change it earlier or later than needed. Here are some references you can use to know the right time to change the oil filter:

  1. Manufacturer’s recommendation: Refer to your Passion Plus’s manual for the specific interval (usually every 3000-5000 km or 2-3 oil changes).
  2. Riding conditions: If you ride in dusty environments or frequently stop-and-go traffic, consider more frequent changes. With the Passion Plus, Hero has made a bike that has reliable parts, but different environments can play spoilsport with even the best components.
  3. Warning signs: Pay attention to decreased performance, unusual noises, or the oil filter change indicator light (if equipped).

The Step-by-Step Guide

The affordable Passion Plus price gets you a bike that comes with a long-lasting oil filter. However, if you need to change the filter, here’s the process you should follow. 

  • Warm up the engine briefly (1-2 minutes) to thin the oil.
  • Place the oil drain pan under the engine’s drain bolt.
  • Loosen the drain bolt with the socket wrench and allow the oil to drain completely.
  • While the oil drains, use the oil filter wrench to remove the old filter. Be careful, as some oil may spill.
  • Ensure the filter mounting surface is thoroughly wiped clean.
  • Apply a thin layer of fresh oil onto the gasket of the new filter.
  • Hand-tighten the new filter until the gasket makes contact, then further tighten it using a wrench (1/4 turn or as specified in the manual).
  • Securely replace and tighten the drain bolt.
  • Refill the engine with fresh oil, adhering to the recommended quantity outlined in the manual.
  • Start the engine and inspect for any leaks around the filter and drain bolt.
  • Allow the engine to warm up, then turn it off and reevaluate the oil level, adding more if necessary.

Feel the Performance Boost

Installing a fresh oil filter on your Passion Plus results in cleaner oil, leading to several benefits like a smoother operation due to reduced friction, resulting in decreased noise and vibration. It also improves power and acceleration as cleaner oil enables the engine to breathe easier, and better fuel economy and Passion Plus mileage, with less energy wasted on overcoming internal friction.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While the process of changing the oil filter is relatively simple, there is a possibility that you may make mistakes. Following are some mistakes that you should avoid while making the oil filter change:

Overtightening the oil filter: This can damage the filter and make it difficult to remove next time.

Undertightening the drain bolt: This can lead to oil leaks.

Using the wrong oil or filter: Always refer to your manual for the correct specifications.

Disposing of used oil improperly: This can harm the environment.

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Maintaining Your Passion Plus’s Optimal Performance

If you’re unsure about any step, consult your user manual for the Hero Passion Plus or seek help from a qualified mechanic. There are also numerous online tutorials and videos available for visual guidance. Professional help is always an option. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a mechanic or a specialist from an authorised Hero service centre if you’re uncomfortable performing the change yourself, especially if your Passion Plus is under warranty.

Regular maintenance, including timely oil filter changes, ensures your Hero Passion Plus runs smoothly and reliably, letting you focus on enjoying the journey.