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Today, most organizations are ALREADY aware that a collaboration platform (such as Office 365, SharePoint, etc.) can make their staff team more efficient. No one can miss that sharing documents, files, agendas, calendars, wikis, etc., facilitates teamwork and that improves productivity … but what about the workers who are in the plant? Those who are working with a machine? Those in the production line or driving on the streets?

There are thousands of companies where the so-called ?frontline workers? are disconnected from the rest of the corporation. They do not have the information at hand, they do not have the right tools, they are not told about the things that are happening in the company or they do not have the continuous training that their job requires. But why do organizations believe that these workers are different from the rest?

If we asked them, they would surely tell us that they want to be partakers of what happens in their company. Feel that they are working in a modern organization and, above all, feel that they are part of it.

The operator is also an advanced user of the technology: at home, on the street or in his leisure time, and he likes modern tools, social networks, communicating … for all those reasons, it is logical to think that he will also like to continue communicating, collaborating and being connected in his post of job.

What does an operator of our factory do with Office 365 on his mobile?

Communication with plant operators is often stagnant, but recovering it is much easier (and cheaper) than we think. There is a facilitator that makes it possible for these workers to be more connected, more integrated with the corporation and ultimately, more comfortable. That facilitator is Microsoft 365 F1.

This solution includes Office 365 F1 – with Office Mobile apps -, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, and is specially designed for mobile workers, so it incorporates new tools dedicated to the needs of these workers and integrates Artificial Intelligence technologies. The worker of an industrial line needs some information, for example, the safety procedures of a machine, how to act at a critical stop, or at a scheduled stop. 

It is possible that this information is on paper, among hundreds of guides that are not always at hand. In these cases, having a place that encapsulates everything and being able to check it from your mobile, at any time and from any place, makes perfect sense.

  • An operator can know what happens in his company and access corporate information and news with Yammer 
  • Access videos, manuals and training material from SharePoint 
  • Manage your shifts with StaffHub 
  • Check datasheets, layouts and procedures with Teams 
  • Watch video-pills with tutorials on Stream
  • Share good practices with the team through Teams 
  • Give and receive feedback via Skype

Productivity with SharePoint

Discover how mobile workers in your organization can access, modify or share day-to-day documentation through SharePoint.

If you work in the industrial sector, surely you have ever met with workers of an industrial line that need certain information: machine safety procedures, how to act at a critical stop, before a scheduled stop…

 Something similar happens in the retail sector: Store employees need information about a certain collection that will arrive, on how to introduce a new promotion, how to set up a linear or how to launch a new line.

In these types of situations where you need to share documents(sometimes in multi-language) but workers do not work in the office and their only device for connecting with the organization is their mobile, the best solution to  do so is through SharePoint Online .

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