Oak conditions that go worse when left untreated

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The mighty oak trees are clearly one of the most recognized trees around the globe. In fact, these almost thrive in any weather conditions. In addition, oak trees range in height from 6 feet to an absolutely humungous 100 feet height! Though sorting through the oak species and varieties may seem a bit daunting, Global Tree Specialist Group states that oaks in the United States largely belong to one of the three major groups: red oaks, white oaks, and intermediate oaks.

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That said, in spite of being high and mighty, like most other things in nature, these too are susceptible to a range of diseases. Thus, in this post, we?ve tried discussing a few of those oak conditions. We?d also discuss if you should rope in tree trimming companies in Northeast Philly for proper care and action in case you spot the signs early.

Oak diseases that can be deadly if left untreated

Disease #1: Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is often termed a silent killer! Why so? Well, the fact that the oak tree simply withers away without showing any symptoms on the outside, may have something to do with it. In this, the fungus courses through the tree?s vascular system. It is worth mentioning that the red oak species are particularly susceptible to this and the trees die rather quickly when infected.

We reached out to Prestige Tree Services, one of the notable tree trimming companies in Northeast Philly, to know more and they helped us understand the process of oak wilt. The fungus enters the oak trees through entry points in the roots or can even be affected via insects carrying it. Luckily, you can spot this early! If you notice brown necrosis of the tree?s leaf veins, it?s probably time to call in the big guns! The problem usually starts on one branch and soon spreads to the other branches. Tiny spores developing under the bark of the tree help the fungus spread via wind or insects to other nearby healthy trees.

Disease #2: Armillaria Root Rot

The main cause of Armillaria root rot is a fungal infection of the cambial tissue in the oak?s roots and the trunk. However, much like the oak wilt, this too shows small symptoms aboveground. These signs include leaf discoloration, death of higher branches, and premature leaf loss. That is not all! A mushroom or fungal mat growth at the base of the tree is one of the clearest signs of the tree suffering from Armillaria root rot.

How to stop the spread of the disease? Well, drying out the root system may work, but the University of Columbia recommends removing the diseased trees to prevent the spread, as the fungal infection can spread in many different ways, including but not limited to soil cultivation, root grafting, and using infected tools.

Disease #3: Sudden Oak Death

This disease does have an ominous name and is caused by a plant pathogen named Phytophthora ramorum. It has already destroyed hundreds of trees across Oregon and California. According to studies, the pathogen is attracted to water and produces spores in favorable conditions. Once it reaches a tree, the pathogen spreads rapidly via wind, soil transfer, or even by human activity. While some trees like the coast live oak and the tanoak are infected through the trunk, trees like the redwood, carry it on their twigs and foliage.

The disease is often misreported considering the fact that its symptoms – sickly leaves, leaf and branch death, show similarity with other oak diseases. Thus, a laboratory test is absolutely necessary for tree trimming companies in Northeast Philly to be sure of it and take steps to contain the spread of the disease.

Key takeaway

Each of these three diseases poses a significant threat to oak trees, and thus, if you do notice the symptoms, we?d advise you to get in touch with a reliable company that deals with such problems. Prestige Tree Services is one such hardworking team of individuals, who excel at all types of tree services. Their honest and affordable pricing coupled with their quality work is why we absolutely recommend them. 

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