Risks Of Not Working With Licensed And Insured Roofer In Wyandotte

One truth about roofing is that ?no matter how you take care of your roof, or how solidly installed it is, it will one day develop an issue you need to fix.? There are high risks for those who do not work with a licensed and insured roofer in Wyandotte. In this era, finding the right roofer for your job could be complicated, especially in an emergency. Price at this point could be your first concern, leading you to hire an uninsured roofer for your project. Before hiring, do not give in to pressure. Here are some risks you may face for choosing the wrong roofer.

Risks of Not Hiring Licensed and Insured Roofer in Wyandotte

Insurance is the only financial way to have legitimate protection over your property from the risk of going wrong. When your roofer does not have professional insurance, you are bound to be liable for anything that goes wrong on your property. Here are risks you should avoid by all means. Therefore, work with a licensed and insured roofer in Wyandotte.

Damage to Property

As stated above, homeowners will be responsible for any damage to their homes during roofing projects if handled by an uninsured roofer. These damages could be to your pipe vents, electrical equipment, piping for your fire sprinkler or HVAC system. Homeowners will be in charge of the expenses.  


Accidentally, your roofing contractor?s employee could fall off a scaffolding during the project, causing serious injury to himself. In this case, if your roofer is well insured, he could take care of the responsibility of treating his employee because his insurance would cover for him. If they do not have insurance, the property owner can be sued for the cost of the medical care. Of course, no homeowner would want to bear unnecessary bills. 

Absence of Insurance is Equal to No License

In the state, most insurance policies, especially landlord liability insurance, have clauses that exempt damages from any contractor a homeowner hired deliberately without a license. To obtain insurance, a roofer is supposed to have his liability insurance and workers? compensation. It is not worth the risk, no matter how cheap an uninsured roofer poses to be. 

Due Diligence

Before taking a step to hire that roofer, remember to carry out your research about the roofer or roofing company. Check your options and narrow them down on your list. Compare roofing businesses, check how long they have existed, visit their sites to read their reviews, and many more. All these will help you to have a realistic idea about who you are dealing with. You may further do your findings on BBB. Do not leave any stone unturned. Working with a local roofer will ease your checks about them.?


The benefits of working with an uninsured and unlicensed roofer cannot be compared to its risks. Keep these in mind. No effort spent trying to know who you are about to hire for your job is wasted. It will save you from unforetold dangers. A licensed and insured roofer Wyandotte is all you need to get a cover when necessary. Keep your home safe from danger and always make repairs and necessary maintenance when due.