Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Currently Very Popular within the NFT Sector

It was the beginning of the year 2021 when the NFT sector started gaining huge amount of recognition throughout the world. Ever since the worldwide recognition of the NFT sector, companies have come up with different kinds of NFT concepts. 

This way, they have tried interacting with the users and offer the best utilities. At present, the NFTs are considered a huge success in spaces such as digital artwork, metaverse, and many more.

On many platforms and especially, the metaverses, the users are required to have access to the NFTs. They can convert their money to the respected NFT and can purchase NFT collectibles, artworks, and other items accessible through NFTs.

So far, thousands of NFTs have been launched into the particular sector. However, not every NFT has proven to be a success. Therefore, if you wish to interact with the non-fungible tokens, then you must know about the ones that are in high demand.

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is currently the top NFT, which has witnessed a great surge in its demand in the past few months. It has become the top pick among major NFT investors, Hollywood celebrities, and even the social media celebrities. 

The ApeCoin is popularly being used by the investors for the acquisition of the digital NFT artworks being launched by Yuga Labs. You can acquire the ApeCoin and then use them to purchase the NFT artworks launched through the Bored Ape Yacht Club project. 

In a matter of months, the ApeCoin has become the largest NFT token within the sector. It has even surpassed its seniors such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and many more NFT tokens in the past few months.?

At present, the market valuation of ApeCoin is worth $12,181,493,737, making it the 33rd largest cryptocurrency. It is currently trading at a high price of $12.19 per APE.

The trading price of ApeCoin tends to go up whenever a huge sale takes place. Just recently, a huge sale was hosted by Yuga Labs, which ended up raising $285 million for Yuga Labs. 

The particular included sales of virtual lands that Yuga Labs was reportedly selling to generate funds for its unannounced project. For the investors to acquire the lands, they needed NFTs, which they could only acquire through ApeCoin. 

The particular sale had reportedly taken place last weekend. As a result, the trading price of ApeCoin went really high and hit the peak price of $26.19 per APE. 

Back in March, Yuga Labs had launched its first fundraiser where it generated more than $400 million. That was the time when Yuga Labs ended up hitting the highest trading price of $39.40 per APE.

With the given demand and potential of ApeCoin, it would be extremely profitable for the investors to accumulate ApeCoin and sell it during the events to generate high gains. 


Decentraland (MANA) is also a major cryptocurrency within the NFT and the metaverse sector. It is extremely popular among the users who love interacting with the virtual worlds as Decentraland hosts metaverses. 

In the Decentraland environment, the users have the ability to acquire lands and then sell them to make money. People have earned millions creating and selling lands on the Decentraland platform.

At present, the trading price for Decentraland is worth $1.35 per MANA. It currently has a market valuation of $2,482,007,762. The highest trading price Decentraland has hit is worth $5.90 that was back in the month of November.

Just recently, NFT Plazas made an announcement in regards to its latest innovations. The particular company announced that they will be offering companies the opportunity of advertising their products through virtual world billboards.

NFT Plazas has announced that the companies will be able to promote their services and products. They will be able to do it through an automated system that will post their advertisements at very low costs. The companies can set the payments for the advertisements to recurring so they won?t have to pay NFT Plazas again and again. 

This means that going forward, the trading price of MANA may grow due to increase in its utility portfolio.