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A new mode in the application, private messages and removal of the Following card – what changes appear on Instagram?

The creators of Instagram are not idle. In recent days, there has been a lot of information about new products in the application. To make them easier to remember, we decided to gather them in one place.

Here’s what to know about the changes being made or planned on Instagram.

That Day on Instagram

A feature reminding us of what we have done that day in the past is well known to us from Facebook or as the Memories option on Snapchat. It looks like we can expect a similar solution soon on Instagram.

As part of the new Stories creation mode, you’ll be able to share old posts from our profile or Stories, which we shared, for example, exactly two years ago. What’s more, we’ll also check who we started following that day. Transferring these memories is possible not only in relationships but also by private message.


After opening the window enabling Stories and swiping right to the new mode of creating relationships, we can see the functions Create, GIFs, Countdown, Quiz, Survey, and Questions. The “On this day …” option is also available.


If it is possible to share more than one content or activity that we undertook that day, we will be able to draw which one to add using the dice icon.

Watch list Activity Card

An important change is also the fact that the “Watched” card disappears from the application informing us about the activities of other people we are observing. So we won’t be able to check who they comment on or what new profile they have started to follow.

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For many people, it was a bit scary, because not all of us want every single activity to be visible to others and to be able to track them. Unaware of this, the users could be surprised that someone found out what they were interested in or what profile they were following.


This change is intended to help protect users’ privacy and improve security.

Private Messages on the Desktop

Undoubtedly, most of us use Instagram via mobile devices, but it is possible to log in from a computer and view the content of the people we are following.?Until now, we could only like them, comment on them and display Stories.?Soon we may also get a chance to?exchange private messages.

Instagram is working on Direct for the desktop website

Zobacz obraz na Twitterze

Jane Manchun Wong noticed that the inbox computer Instagram tests are in progress. This would allow users who view it from a computer and browser to read and reply to messages.

Dark Mode

This week we wrote about the dark mode on Pinterest, and now informs that in the latest Instagram update we will also find the?dark mode for iOS 13.??They choose the dark mode on the device, we also have access to the dark mode in the application.?Using it can make browsing the application easier, e.g. at night.?What’s more, a black background can also emphasize the nature of the shared photos.


Unfortunately, at this time there is no option to enable or disable dark mode directly in the application. It adapts to the general settings of the smartphone

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