3 New SEO Tips to Try Out On Your WordPress Website In 2021

    3 New SEO Tips to Try Out On Your WordPress Website In 2021

    In the ever changing & dynamic world of SEO, there are new trends and tricks that marketers successfully apply on their websites. Since the field of SEO is so expansive, it is bound that techniques and strategies come and go out of fashion rather quickly. 

    To keep up with these trends and ensure that the best SEO techniques are applied on your website, here is a list of 3 new SEO tips you should try out on your website in 2021. 

    These tips are neither generic, nor too hard for beginners to apply on their websites. 

    #1- Fresh SEO Oriented Content

    Creating fresh and unique content will never go out of fashion. For websites, good quality and quantity of content plays the role of building blocks. As expansive and qualitative your content is, the more it is likely to improve the performance of SEO on your website. It is already established that good content facilitates rapid SEO growth. 

    So while creating this fresh and unique content, make sure that you keep SEO in mind. SEO will help ensure that your website is vic=sible on search engines and that your search rankings don?t go down. 

    Also, keep in mind that quality and quantity of content both go hand in hand. Not all the content you publish on your website can be long form, so create a balance. 

    #2- Check Google analytics and crawlers frequently

    Checking Google analytics regularly helps you in finding out the gaps in your website. There can be pages, plugins and other structural errors that Google analytics will be able to point out for you to correct. Along with that, analytics allows you to understand the audience behaviour, device functionality and the performance of your content. 

    Checking whether the Google crawler visits your website regularly is also something you should keep a tab on. When crawlers visit your pages it means that your pages are being reached by Google easily. If however, the crawler is not doing so, you must revise your internal linking strategy as it has a direct impact on the crawler?s activity.

    #3- Image names, file names, and alt text must be optimised

    Something most web creators miss out on is realizing that images cannot be used as it is. The first thing that needs to be done is compressing an image to make it smaller in size. Using JPGs over PNGs is the right way to go. PNG are much more hefty files and take up a lot of space on your website. This ultimately leads to slower loading speed, in turn, reducing your SEO performance. 

    Along with the size of image files, you must also pay strict attention to file names, and alt text. These fields are to be filled out whenever you attach an image on your WordPress website. Don?t forget to use keywords in these fields as they help in promoting the performance of your website SEO. 

    In Conclusion

    In this piece we discussed 3 new SEO tips to try out on your WordPress website in 2021. 

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