Natural Remedies To Cure RLS And Regain A Healthy Sleeping Cycle

What worst can restless leg syndrome do to people is making them awake at night or causing sleeping troubles. Some even suffer from insomnia which makes a deep impact on their day-to-day life. The drowsiness causes distraction from daily activities and you are unable to concentrate. 

Are you one of them who keep awake at night due to the invincible urge of moving legs due to restless leg syndrome, right now is the time to find restless leg relief. Possibly you have already done with your pursuit to find solutions but unable to get the required respite. 

RLS patients get inclined by the need of getting adequate sleep and keep on trying home remedies for relief. Though not every solution has medical evidence history when it comes to treating the tingling sensation, anything that is capable of mitigating the symptoms is worth trying. 

We are here to help you with some great yet effective restless leg syndrome remedies

Go for a warm or cold compress 

Cooled and heated therapies have a long history as a home solution in soothing swelling caused by injuries or other conditions. Studies have proven that the solution effectively creates a new brain sensation process by reducing the uncomfortable sensation due to RLS. 

Either cold or heated compress, as per your comfort, can be applied to the affected area to soothe RLS symptoms. You can do more by taking a warm bath and giving a gentle massage to your legs.

Maintaining Healthy Habits

Things like caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco trigger RLS symptoms, avoiding these substances can provide restless leg syndrome relief to the patient. The syndrome also gets provoked by fatigue, so keeping up a healthy sleep regimen is commonly suggested. 

Doing regular exercise may benefit the patients and work out within a few hours of going to bed can bring a good night sleep. 

Take Vitamins 

Maintaining ample calcium & magnesium levels can help in keeping muscles and nerves functioning properly. If possible, take a daily multivitamin or multimineral to mild RLS symptoms. As the syndrome is caused due to low levels of iron, taking iron supplements can relieve the symptoms. You can also complete your iron deficiency with other sources like beans, leafy vegetables, seeds, and nuts. 

Never use the iron supplements without your doctor’s consultation. This is because too much iron can be toxic to your system.

Alternative Solution

There is a new full-suite of natural treatment options designed and launched specifically for RLS patients. Offering safe and effective RLS treatment at home that gets assured results, the products created are highly effective, results-driven, and relief focused for maximum relief. The patients suffering from the syndrome have to face discomfort, pain, and inflammation, and these products provide a natural cure.

Let your RLS be cured naturally!

ZTG has come up with the products, treatments, and therapies that provide the power of far-infrared heat and accurately formulated ingredients and work to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and minimize pain. There are products in the form of soothing soaks to acupressure, ultrasound waves, and infrared machines that help individuals to regain control of their lives.


The products are described as follows!

  1. RLS Wand Kit – A device that is portable and reduce the symptoms of syndrome by offering a customized treatment regime. Available online at a fair price, it is an escape from the expensive treatments. Just a regular treatment session of 15 minutes can provide relief. 

  2. ZGel Patch – A reusable home restless legs treatment that is invented to help the patients throughout the evening successive to a short RLS Wand treatment. How it benefits is by adding continued relief, added comfort, and continued support.

  3. RLS Jelly – A proprietary ultrasound jelly that intensifies the saturation of topical oils and lotions into the body. This jelly product is made from natural ingredients and is expertly blended for RLS treatment.

  4. Therapeutic Water Soaks – The hot and cold-water soaks are invented to reduce the pain of patients. This natural treatment for RLS provide pain relief, relaxation, and reduce inflammation. The soak products help to abolish the pain, reduce fatigue, stress, and stimulate healing.

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