Natural Hair Care Tips for Black Hair

Personal grooming goes just beyond beautiful shoes, stylish clothes, and an inviting cologne. One area that is overlooked by most people, specifically men during the grooming process, is the hair. And while we all have hair; black hair is different from other types of hair. Black hair is naturally dry and susceptible to breakage. As a shortcut to relaxing the dry hair, most of us opt for the chemical relaxer. However, even that makes it harder to keep the hair healthy. Do you want to take care of your hair naturally? Here are a few natural hair care tips for black hair. 

1. Moisturize your hair daily

Whether you are soaking in the warm temperatures along the pristine sandy beaches, basking in the dry air in the fall, or just cuddled in the house during winter, every day is battle to keep your hair clean and healthy. 

However, it doesn’t just happen. You have to do a few things. 

When you hydrate the scalp, the resultant hair that grows from it usually is soft and easy to style. 

Most of us use shampoo to get rid of dandruff and other dirt. However, it would be best to use the rinse out conditioner to restore the moisture to your scalp and hair. 

Doing that every day, without fail, can go a long way in making your hair healthy. 

2. Invest in the appropriate pillowcase

The type of pillowcase you use determines how healthy your hair can be. 

But how?

Cotton pillowcases have been proven to draw out the moisture from the hair. Therefore, in the case of black hair, you are advised to use the silk pillowcase. Further, the silk pillowcase is soft on the skin, and your hair too. 

However, if you must use the cotton pillowcase, get a silk cloth, or scarf to wrap your hair before you retire to bed.

3. Cut the split ends 

There is nothing much you can do about the split ends on your hair. However, to make you look comfortable as you seek other permanent solutions, you could mask them. 

Nonetheless, to avoid any form of discomfort, you should trim your hair as soon as you notice the split ends. That way, you shall have prevented further damage to your hair lengths. 

4. Reduce the use of shampoos on your hair

Who doesn’t use shampoo to get rid of dandruff and excess oils from the hair?

Well, if not all of us, at least we’ve all come across shampoos and know their uses. The shampoo isn’t the best hair cleaner we got. 

Yes, it gets the dunk off your hair, leaving you calm and comfortable. However, it also contains a nasty chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate. 

The chemical does a neat job in cleaning the hair, but unfortunately gets rid of the natural oils produced by your scalp. 

5. Do the hot or cold oil treatment

The hot oil treatment, done at least once in a month, adds significant moisture to the hair, thus making it shine. It makes it even more elastic. 

The most popular air oils you can use for this purpose are avocado, coconut, or almond oil.

Author Information: This article was written and contributed by BestemsGuide and 5beddings author. Hope you found helpful tips that would be useful in maintaining your hair.

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