Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Luxury Watches

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Whether it’s a vintage Rolex that witnessed World War II or the one your grandfather wore all the time, there is always something special about old watches and their past is filled with interesting history. This is why the market of pre owned watches Singapore is growing every day, with millions of transactions being made annually. Yes, there are many admirers of second-hand luxury watches. But at the same time, many myths prevail about second-hand luxury watches, which put a big question mark for new buyers. If you are also planning to buy a pre-owned Rolex Singapore and are worried about something you do not know is true or false, here is a blog about the common myths about used luxury watches that will help for sure. So let’s begin.

Luxury watches should be expensive – There is a reason that they’re called luxury watches; they’re made by top brands that use highly advanced technology to make watches that will last for generations. Another thing behind their higher prices is that they are made with utmost precision, and the design is decided after years of hard work. But there is no way you can believe the myth that an old or used luxury watch should be an expensive one. With the involvement of modern technology, there are many routes a watch collector can take to get the desired luxury watch while keeping the budget lower. Whether you want to buy a pre owned Rolex Singapore or simply a vintage watch from Seiko, there are many ways to buy a luxury watch on a budget. For example, you can head to an online listing website where the actual owner of the watch will list it to sell. The cost, in this case, is relatively lower than buying a used watch from a brand. Of course, buying from a reliable platform also offers various benefits.

Mechanical watches aren’t accurate It’s very common for watch collectors to hear, “There’s no way spending $100s on a vintage watch when my $10 watch tells the time more accurately?” This is because most people believe that mechanical watches aren’t accurate like the modern ones with advanced technology. But this is a complete myth because luxury mechanical watches are generally very accurate. According to specialists in the watch industry, an old mechanical watch can be accurate within 5 seconds a day; that’s 99.994% accuracy. This is quite impressive when we’re talking about the vintage watches that have seen various generations and still stand true to the real world.

People hardly buy luxury watches Well, this is true, but only for the people who have never purchased a vintage and luxury watch. That’s another level of pride when you wear a vintage watch. It may not be as shining as the latest smartwatch, but it’s much better when it comes to owning luxury. It’s one of the funniest myths of all time. While it is a fact that the luxury watches industry faced a decline in the 2000s as the digital age began to kick into gear, the industry stabilized with more people opting for pre-owned watches Singapore. What matters here is that you must purchase from a trusted platform that you can rely on for after-sale support.

Rolex makes the best watches – Indeed, Rolex has been and is still known as the industry leader for creating amazing luxury watches. Their watches are technically impressive and feature some of the best designs in the industry. From top celebrities to entrepreneurs across the world own Rolex watches, but that’s not the only brand you can consider when it comes to buying a second-hand watch Singapore. The fact here is that the luxury watch industry is like an iceberg that the layperson has no idea about. Apart from Rolex, there are many other brands that you can consider to buy a second-hand watch Singapore like Seiko, Bulova, Tissot, Oris, etc. These brands have also been making watches that have proved to be far more technically impressive as horological feats of engineering. So if you want to buy a used luxury watch and Rolex is out of your budget, you can consider other options.

They’re a rip-off – For the new watch collectors, it can be very common to feel that the prices of vintage watches are very high. Some can even cost nearly the new Rolex, but it is very important to understand the reason behind the high prices. They are vintage watches, and they carry the pride of surviving throughout decades or even centuries. Their value increases as they get old older. It’s just like buying an old coin that belonged to the 1700s. The actual value may be a lot less, but you will pay quite a high price for the coin. Similar is the case when you want to buy pre-owned luxury watches. But again, this is not the case with every make and model. Many luxury used watches are available with a price tag of less than $100. You just need to find the right match as per your budget. It is notable that the cost is made worth it by two things: watches are an investment and will last longer than anything else.

Final Words 

Whether you are a watch collector or want to buy a pre-owned Rolex Singapore because the prices for a new one are high, there are many other myths about the used luxury watch market that you might come across. Before you start to trust, it is important to know the reason behind the myths  to make the right choice. Not every buyer and watch is the same. So, you might feel that something that is felt like a myth by someone maybe not true at all. Just make sure to search for a trusted and reliable platform where you can shop for the best luxury watch on a budget.