5 Must-Have Items For A Long Flight

When it comes to a long flight, the amazing destination is always worth the journey. To make life easier on yourself, there are must-have items you should pack with you in your carry-on. You will be glad that you did so that comfort, nourishment, and entertainment aren’t left behind.

1. Travel Pillow

It’s okay to nod off on a long flight and try to get some zzzs, but you want to awaken without a sore neck, shoulders, and back in the process. That’s why a travel pillow is an excellent essential to have with you before take-off.

You don’t need to tote around a bulky pillow, either. Today’s modern travel pillows are designed to be very lightweight and can easily be attached to the handle of your backpack or the outside of your luggage.

A good, travel pillow makes a difference and will cradle your head and keep your neck in at a comfortable angle.

2. Munchies

Let’s face it. During a long, overnight flight, you may get hungry even after eating an airline’s dinner and breakfast. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, and you should bring along some tasty snacks to keep you nourished and satisfied.

Expert dieticians have some suggestions that will entice just about any palate. For example, you could add olives as delicious, salty snacks that can be packed in a bottle or bought in small packages stored in water.

You could also nosh on chopped apples topped with butter and cinnamon.

There are also gluten-free muffins that make for a healthy snack or frozen grapes that will defrost by the time you’re in flight providing a yummy, crunchy delight.

Some folks toss some snack bars in their bag because they are full of whole grains and fruit and are a filling treat.

3. Headphones (Noise-Canceling)

Most would agree that headphones provided by an airline are not always of high quality. Our travel experts recommend bringing a great pair of noise-canceling headphones for the long flight.

This type of headphone unit is superb because the technology is tailored to your hearing. You will be able to hear and enjoy fuller, more vibrant sounds at a volume level of your choosing.

Talk about sound quality; noise-canceling headphones such as a Logitech headset feature some of the finest devices available today with a detachable boom-microphone.

Relax on your long flight with movies and music and zero disturbances.

4. Health And Beauty Stuff

A long flight means that you will need a few health and beauty items for the trip, and our pros suggest storing them inside a clear cosmetics case that has some nifty zippered compartments.

You can find TSA-friendly toiletry bags online for purchase that are easy to pack and carry.

Some of the stuff to bring along should include a toothbrush and toothpaste, especially for a long flight. You and your mouth will feel a lot better if you perform this simple step.

Chewing gum is another essential to think about for helping to equalize ear pressure on a plane. It can also freshen your breath instantly.

Lip balm is a necessity during a lengthy flight for hydration. The same goes with some moisturizers for your skin to remain supple and soft.

Hand sanitizer is a good idea. You’re next to a lot of people in a confined space. Folks cough, sneeze, etc. Keep this one handy.

5. Portable Power Bank

Here is yet another must-have item for a long flight that you may not always think about.

A portable power bank is a terrific thing to have onboard for making sure that your favorite electronic devices are charged and ready to go when you need them. It is airline-friendly and can be taken and used on any flight safely.

You won’t have to worry about a low phone battery or your tablet or Kindle dying out.

A portable power bank doesn’t take up much space with its sleek, compact design and is made with fast, smart charging technology.

The destination is all that matters, right? You have a long flight ahead of you. Be prepared with our list of must-haves for your carry-on essentials bag, and enjoy your pleasant journey!

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