VOD Platform: 10 Must-Have Features To Build & Launch Video On Demand Streaming In 2021

VOD streaming platforms are the new form of entertainment. 

With the pandemic still constant amongst us, VOD streaming services have grown in demand globally.

Today there are multiple on-demand VOD streaming platforms available and with time this market is set to grow higher.

An online source supports the above-stated statement, ??Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 10.43%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$127,512m by 2025.??

But before we can head to learning about VOD platforms, let?s first understand the market growth along with the challenges being faced.

While you?re now aware that video on demand will grow, the most common challenge being faced will be competition.

As stated earlier, there are multiple of them in the market, hence if you?re looking to build a VOD solution, then ensure the below-listed features are added. This will increase efficiency in your platform as well as push you higher amongst the competitive crowd. 

10 Features To Include When Building A VOD Platform

The agenda of creating a VOD platform consists of two things.

  • Offer great features to enhance the platform experience
  • Fill in the missing gaps to make your VOD platform better from the crowd

Hence to help you in this process, ensure that the below feature list is included.

1. 100% Customization

When building your VOD platform, ensure that you have a customization feature.

With this feature, you have complete control of how you want your VOD solution to be. 

From choosing the types of features you want to include to the monetization options, this feature will help create a unique video on demand platform for you.?

2. Whitelabel Platform

Ensure that you opt for a white-label platform when building your VOD platform.

The perks are multiple such as the ability to place your business logo, personalize all your video-related activities, and much more. 

3. Advanced web applications

The most crucial factor that could make or break your VOD platform is the viewability quality. 

When you use an advanced web VOD application, the latter converts the current viewing experience into an app-like interface.?

This process however is not determined by the present network speed performance. 

4. Management of video content

With the video content, it is important to manage them all on a real-time basis.

Hence there are multiple options that can help you such as bulk upload where you can instantly import content from any server. 

There is also video scheduling where you can easily schedule video content for your viewers so that it is accessible in their location, timings and more. 

5. Video hosting

Video hosting refers to the process wherein all video content is uploaded and distributed for online viewing. 

With the use of great technology, you can now easily operate VOD either on cloud integrated servers or your premise VOD hosting servers.?

6. Different revenue models

When building your VOD platform, you will be looking at generating higher revenue.

There are multiple monetization models that you can choose from such as subscription-based, pay-per-view, and more. 

However, always decide on the revenue models based on the viewer?s preferences. 

7. Detailed analytics

An insightful analytics report will help you generate better revenue.

Identify your viewer count better as well as other related activities that can help you enhance your VOD platform better.

8. High-end security

Security should be your number one priority.

With information being shared especially using the online platform, make use of great security to safeguard and deliver a hassle-free video experience. 

To name a few that you can include are end-to-end video encryption, geo-blocking, and more. 

9. Efficient video player

There are video-on-demand softwares that include inbuilt video as well as audio players. 

They offer complete backup support for comprised files, provide multi-bitrate HD coding, adaptive bitrate VOD streaming, and more.?

10. Result-driven video marketing

Once you have your video streaming platform ready, it?s time to grow your business well.

The first step you can start with is via video marketing.

There are multiple result-driven video marketing platforms that do the job such as social media integrations, marketing automation, metadata management, and more.  

Using these tools can help market your video platform quicker and with the detailed analytics of their performance, they can be enhanced accordingly. 


For any VOD platform to be successful, a good set of features will always contribute highly to enhancing the platform experience.

Now that you have the complete list of the top features, you are ready to get started.

However, you shouldn?t ignore the streaming video on demand software available. They are growing in demand because of the ease they provide when building such platforms.?

Apart from the features stated above, these VOD softwares offer tons of more related features as well.

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