Which motherboards work with Ryzen 9 5900X CPUs?

I didn’t know what type of motherboards were available for my Ryzen series processor when I was searching for my first motherboard. It was confusing trying to find the right one.

Below is a list of the 5 best motherboards for Ryzen 9 5900X. This will allow you to choose the right motherboard for your Ryzen series processor.

1- Asus TUF Gaming X570-PLUS – WI-FI ATX Gaming Motherboard With AM4 (for Ryzen 5500, 3rd and 2nd Generation Ryzen CPUs), PCIe 4.0, Dual M.2, 12+2 with Dr.MOS Power Stage

ryzen cpus motherboards

This motherboard is high-performance and comes with military-grade components. It also features dual PCIe 2.0 x16 slots and enhanced power delivery technology. It also includes a twin M.2 socket and Intel 2×2 802.11ac WiFi with MU?MIMO functionality, Bluetooth support, and USB Type-A/Type?C ports.


? Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus is a high performance motherboard that uses military-grade components.

? It has dual PCIe 4.0 slots and dual M.2 slot.

? This mother can also be used with Ryzen 5000 series CPUs.


? Before installing the Ryzen 5900X CPU, ensure that your BIOS is current.

2- MSI B550 TOMAHAWK MAG AM4 Based ATX Gaming Motherboard with Ryzen 2nd, 3rd and 5000 Series CPUs with PCIe4.0, SATA 6Gb/s M.2, USB 3.0 Gen 2, and HDMI/DP

This motherboard is built to handle demanding tasks such as gaming and video editing. It is also suitable for server management and database management, which are high-performance and fast-running applications.


? It is a powerful motherboard that features high-performance components.

? It performed flawlessly and loaded quickly during our tests.

? This motherboard is a great choice for demanding and powerful applications.


? BIOS update required for processors of the 5000 series.

Gigabyte AORUS Pro Am4-Based ATX Gaming Motherboard with Dual M.2, SAS 6Gb/s and USB 3.2 Gen2, Intel Dual Band 802AC WiFi, PCIe 2.0, and RGB Fusion 2.0

This board has many interesting features that you’ll be interested in. These include dual M.2 slots and dual-band 802.11ac WiFi.


? It offers excellent performance and many impressive features.

? It handles demanding and powerful applications with ease.

? It comes prebuilt with an IO shield making it easy for you to install.


? BIOS update required for AMD Ryzen series processors

ASUS ROG Strix F Gaming (WiFi 6) Based ATX Motherboard (Compatible With 5000 Series CPU), BIOS Flashback and Addressable Gen 2 RGB Header.

Another great motherboard for ryzen 9 5900x is the Asus Strix B550F. It offers two M.2 slots and two Wi-Fi 6 module (802.11ax) as well as a 2.5GbE LAN.

It is wireless 802.11ax capable, making it a great choice for streaming or gaming.


? Incredible performance and an impressive array of features.

? Two M.2 slots, dual band 802.11ac WiFi and a 2.5GbE Ethernet LAN interface are included.

? It can be used with both wired or wireless connectivity.


? Installing ryzen 9 5900x requires BIOS Flashback

 ASUS ROG VIII Dark Hero ATX Gaming Motherboard with Ryzen 5000 & 3rd Generation CPUs with PCIe4.0, 14+2T Power Stages and PCH Heatsink for Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet

ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero features AMD’s new AMD X570 chipset. It is capable of supporting up to PCIe 4.0 speeds. It has a complete thermal design that includes a passive chipset heatsink and M.2 aluminum heatsinks as well as the ROG water cooling zone.


? The Asus Rog Crosshair VIII has excellent gaming and overclocking potential.

? It supports WiFi 6, superfast, M.2, BIOS flashback and other features.

? You will also find 10K Japanese-made microfine alloy chokes and black metallic capacitors.


? Ryzen 9 5900X processor BIOS update is required

What Keyboard Does Mongraal use?

Mongraal currently uses the SteelSeries Apex PRO TKL keyboard. This is the most up-to-date information. Many people are curious about the switches Mongraal uses. Mongraal currently uses OmniPoint switch and Cherry MX keyboard switch for his gaming setup. This TKL (Tenkeyless), mechanical keyboard has helped him to become a top player in gaming.

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As I mentioned, the SteelSeries Apex Pro is used by Mongraal. SteelSeries Apex TKL features dazzling LED lights that have amazing perceive-ability. You can also modify the light profiles that are initiated when you start your computer or gaming console.

Overview of SteelSeries Apex Pro Features


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RGB Lighting Controls

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Adjustable Actuation and Switches

The keyboard is mongraal-friendly. Apex Pro’s have the linear key feel. The Cherry MX Red key switch was used to allow for flexible use of Numpad and Arrow keys as well as macros.

It has a standard console with Cherry MX Blue and Green switches that drive at 2mm, and the Kailh speed switching of 1.8mm.