The Ultimate Guide To The Most Irresistible Momos In Delhi

irresistible momos

The delectable parcels filled with ozying juice, tasty filling and simple joy are what momos are.  The love of every Delhite, Momos are found at every nook and corner, covering all price ranges. Whether it be iconic steamed dumplings or the spicy and juicy tandoori momos served with mint chutney, Delhi has got you covered. From a simple friends gathering to any social event, momos easily become the party favourite. So this season, don‚Äôt just wait, RUN to these iconic Momos eateries for a delightful experience.


Craving some authentic Asian flavours? YUM YUM CHA at Select CITYWALK, Saket, is just the right place for you. Having a wide and tempting selection of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean culinary delights, they curate the most authentic Asian-flavoured momos. From classic steamed momos to varieties of innovative twists, they have got it all. Having a modern and inviting ambience, this restaurant provides dinner with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space to savour their culinary creations.  


Just as the name suggests, This high street food outlet sells the widest variety of momos. Ever heard of chocolate momos? WOW MOMOS sells just that, the sweet mixture of chocolatey filling with thin-out layering, buckled up with chocolate sauce. WOW MOMOS is the ultimate universe of momos and their type. One can search WOW MOMO near me to soothe their taste buds with these flavours. 


Health and taste, both all together? YES! The Green Wok has the juiciest range of wheat chicken momos, the best in the town. One can now ditch the guilt and enjoy these tasty delights.

This heavenly place can be found at Select CITYWALK in Saket. Taste and quality being their kingpin, they promise to return the money if a customer dislikes the food served. Momos from this place will surely leave you craving for more. 


A true love at first bite, Dolma Aunty Momos is the most beloved momo place amongst students in Delhi. This place does not require any upcoming events in Delhi for its visit. This place is a legacy for momos lovers. Catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Dolma Aunty is the most loved among everyone.


Harajuku Tokyo Cafe at Select City Mall is all about an electric and soothing atmosphere with plates of tasty delicacies. The flavours of this cafe leave an unforgettable impression on everyone‚Äôs taste buds. Imagine having a plate of momos under a cherry blossom tree, Harajuku Tokyo Cafe provides the experience for the same with added finger-licking flavours. 

To experience the Japanese culture with an array of mouth-watering food, one must visit Harajuku Cafe.

Indulge in Delhi’s Momo Marvels! From the delectable Yum Yum Cha’s authentic Asian flavours to Wow Momo’s sweet chocolatey surprise, the options are endless. The Green Wok offers guilt-free, juicy wheat chicken momos, and Dolma Aunty’s legacy has won hearts across Delhi. Head to Harajuku Tokyo Cafe at Select City Mall for a taste of Japan. Experience momos like never before with an unforgettable cherry blossom backdrop. Don’t wait for an event, dive into Delhi’s momo paradise now!