Military challenge coins � history or myth?

Not many people know about challenge coins, but those who do, know that they are symbolic and meaningful. So, if you�ve not heard of it, don�t worry, because there are many who�ve probably never heard of it either. That said, challenge coins have a long and intriguing history.

The tradition of military challenge coins

While it�s not clear how and why the challenge coin tradition began, there�s reason to believe that the tradition perhaps goes way back in time � possibly as far as ancient Rome. Studies have shown that when soldiers excelled in battle on a day, they�d receive the day�s typical wage for and an extra coin each. The fact that those special/ bonus coins were specially minted and had the insignia of the legion etched on top is what made the soldiers save those coins as mementos rather than spending them on wine and women.

challenge coins in the military

Such challenge coins are handed out even today in the military and beyond, to reward people for jobs well done. However, over time, they�ve become much more than a token of appreciation. Many enterprises and businesses use them as business cards or as promotional tokens at events. That said, many veterans use challenge coins as identification badges of having served in certain units or on certain missions.

History or myth?

Depending on whom you ask you would always get a different answer, but one story almost all veterans would tell you is that of an American fighter pilot shot down during World War I. It seems an officer gave his men bronze medallions bearing the insignia of their flying squadron. However, soon after, one of the pilots was captured behind enemy lines and temporarily held in a detention facility.

When he finally managed to escape, he fell into the hands of the French, who too detained him, thinking him to be a German spy. But when the pilot showed the medallion he had received from his Lieutenant, a French officer recognized it and he was eventually released.

How to get coin force challenge coins or custom coins even better?

These days, challenge coins have evolved much beyond a mark of representation. They are now actively traded between government agencies, political offices, small and big enterprises, and both retired as well as on active-duty personnel. In fact, they�ve evolved from seemingly simple designs to more colorful and intricate varieties � the credit for which clearly goes to the advancement in manufacturing techniques and the rise in the number of companies offering custom challenge coins. In fact, you no longer have to depend on the only known sources. There are tons of other small and big establishments that also offer the same or even better makes than coin force challenge coins.

The earliest challenge coins known to exist were rather simple � die-based brass coins with faint emblems and barely discernible text. The days, virtually every element of custom challenge coins can be tailored to suit individual needs. This has made them all the more popular. Some of the best ones include specialty edging, numbering, and photographic inserts!

Many believe that those who�ve received a challenge coin in their life, only they truly understand and appreciate its significance. However, such coins have now gone beyond the military, police, and firefighting communities. So, if you too are looking for custom challenge coins, perhaps even better than coin force challenge coins, we�d recommend Military Coins USA.

These guys are thorough professionals and have even worked with the military on various challenge coin designs. They have a team of expert graphic designers who can almost bring any design to life. And the best part? They have no charges for art revisions and so, you can always change the design until you are 100% satisfied.

Feel free to get in touch with them at 1-877-670-2646 or via [email protected] to place your custom challenge coin order today!

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