Why is Poland so popular among medical tourists?

    medical tourists

    Medical tourism in Europe is growing year by year. Poland, together with Turkey and Hungary, is the top destination for people looking for dental treatment, orthopedic surgery, obesity treatments, plastic and aesthetic surgeries or hair loss treatment. Check 3 main reasons making Poland an ideal medical tourism destination.


    Generally, the cost is a key factor for medical travel. People who need a certain treatment or surgery more and more often decide to go abroad just because they cannot afford it in their home country. The prices in such countries as the UK, Ireland, Germany, the USA or France can be even 2-3 times higher than in Poland. The example may be the most complex and costly dental treatment, namely All on 4 (a full mouth restoration). In the USA, the average price is 15 000$, while all on 4 Poland costs 7200$ on average. So, even after adding the additional expenses (that is travel, accommodation, food, etc.), it is more economic to get the treatment abroad. What is also interesting, Poland itself has noticed a growing number of medical tourists and has opened for foreign patients by offering all-inclusive packages and special discounts, guaranteeing English speaking doctors, offering the assistance during the stay in Poland and, most importantly, offering the highest quality of the treatment or surgery.


    The quality of treatment in Poland is amazingly high. Polish private clinics and medical centres follow all the EU health care standards, use modern equipment and newest technology which allow them to offer minimally-invasive and highly effective treatments. Many plastic and orthopedic surgeons, dentists, and bariatric surgeons are world-class specialists with considerable expertise and experience. Their qualifications together with the clinics? top standard guarantee the effective, safe and highest-quality services. Regarding the relation between the quality and price, Poland is a leading country on a medical tourism market.

    3. Location and accessibility

    Poland is located in central Europe. It is a great place from the touristic point of view because it is situated by the Baltic Sea (northern Poland) and surrounded by numerous mountain ranges (southern Poland). The Polish culture is unique – the rich history, cuisine, architecture and the regional traditions make Poland an intriguing and fascinating place. Medical tourists can always make a choice whether to dental implants in Krak?w, hair transplant in Warsaw or dental veneers in Gda?sk – in fact, the clinics in all major cities here are prepared for foreign patients. Regarding the flights, Poland has a very developed international flight network, so it is very fast and easy to get to Poland from most European cities as well as the USA. The prices for flight tickets between the UK and Poland start from 


    Summing up, Poland has acquired all the factors important for medical tourists, that is a low treatment cost, high quality of medical services and attractive location. Combining short holidays with a medical treatment here may bring a lot of satisfaction, relaxation, health improvement and savings. We strongly encourage everyone to consider having an affordable treatment combined with holidays in Poland – it has never been so easy and accessible as it is now!

    by Klaudia Grabowska


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