Best MBA Colleges in Delhi Without CAT

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Finally, you are ready for an MBA, the dream ticket to a booming business career. But wait, you are not ready to take the CAT Entrance Exam? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry; you are not alone on this journey. The CAT exam is tough for many students, but what if we say that you don’t have to take any entrance exam like the CAT? Sounds good, right?

But is it possible to take admission to an MBA without a CAT? You don’t have to worry about it many MBA Colleges in Delhi don’t need an MBA score. Yes! That’s right, now you can skip the stress of taking an MBA Exam and truly focus on your career.

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi without CAT

You are wrong if you think you won’t get admission anywhere without a CAT. Here is a list of colleges that don’t require your CAT scores. Let’s check out:

Fostiima Business School

In our list, Fostiima Business School stands on top, not only in our list, but Fostiima is amongst the top MBA Business Schools in Delhi. This business school has set major standards for the students.  They have teachers who are well-qualified and work in big companies. Who doesn’t want to study at a school awarded the best business school? Fostiima doesn’t require your CAT scores for admission; they have set some standards for the admission process. Once you are eligible to apply for the MBA, you can check them out. They have all the MBA programs approved by the government, and talking about placement, and they can help you in the placement process with many big dream companies.

IMI Delhi

You might have heard about the International Management Insitute, but have you ever dreamt of taking your career globally? Look no further if you dream of taking your business career to the global level. Just be more focused on being a well-rounded career specialist. The institute has a selection process but does not include CAT. The college has a comprehensive development process with a carefully structured curriculum that ensures students are ready to participate in global career opportunities.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management 

Asia Pacific Institute of Management is one of the finest colleges when we talk about MBA. It provides a variety of MBA Programs that don’t need your CAT Score. Hence, it is more accessible to students looking for global opportunities without taking a CAT exam. It has a comprehensive development process with a well-structured curriculum. APIM stands out from other colleges as it offers higher education to all students with a well-organized structure.

Fore School of Management

This business college is for go-getters! It offers world-class MBA programs for students that mainly focus on practical learning. The college will give you the experience of being professional and make you ready as a professional. Having strong interfaces with the industry and a beyond-comparison curriculum, the establishment nurtures a culture of significance and develops the spirit of spearheading standpoint among individuals. Moreover FORE School is committed to offering quality education at lower costs to excellent caliber students.

Jagan Institute of Management Studies  (JUMS)

The other college to add to our list is the college that offers higher education with well-structured MBA programs. The Jagan Institute of Management Studies has carved a niche in management training. It provides a favourable learning and growth environment with a disciplined curriculum tailored for the business-efficient and professional teaching staff. The college emphasizes application-oriented learning for holistic self and career development. 


The Birla Institute of Management Technology has its campus in NCR. This institute also provides MBA programs open for students without CAT scores. Through focusing on vocation arranging, creativity, business, and moral administration, BIMTECH furnishes the understudies with the data and aptitudes they require to win in the business world. An array of teaching practices, industriousness in presenting information to the students, and research-based teaching enhance the learning culture in the association. This prepares students for contemplating probes and effecting significant change on the societal scale in society.

Important Factors to Consider

Selecting the right college for you does not end with avoiding the CAT. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Entrance Exams: As for the college level, most colleges have the college entrance examination or their selection methods. These might include group discussions, written tests, or interview sessions that all the participating candidates must undergo.
  1. Academic Record: Particularly, your academic performance in your Undergraduate degree will be determinant at most of the colleges.
  1. Work Experience: It was also found that some colleges might have a provision to give preferences of your work experience in that field.
  1. Fees and Scholarships: The cost of MBA programs can differ to a great extent. Search for possible scholarship grants available in the colleges so that you might be able to bring down your overall cost of education.

So here we have mentioned the top colleges that don’t want your CAT Score; if you are curious about their application and selection process, check out the official page. These MBA colleges are the best if you need practical experience.

If you are ready to pursue your business and industry career, don’t forget to consider these colleges. These colleges offer you comprehensive learning without CAT. So what are you waiting for? Fostiima Business School can be the perfect fit for you, and why not? As they are one of the top colleges of Business in Delhi. Be wise while making your choice! Good luck1