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    If you are a recent graduate in the field of commerce and are following the latest job trends from up close, be aware of the relevant job skills that you may need to hone besides that shining degree of yours. In this blog we will talk about the vital features that most employers incline towards, when preferring one candidate over another. Read on.

    Numeracy skills ? Numeracy skills are a must to have, in order to have a bright career in any commerce-related field. Efficient numeracy skill is the front-line ability that employers within the realm of finance, data management, taxes and banking heedfully consider before hiring suitable candidates to work for their organisation. This further implies that your aptitude with numbers plays a crucial role during every recruitment process. So, to land your dream job in the field of commerce, make yourself proficient at understanding and handling numerical and graphical information, drawing conclusions and explaining your findings.

    Communication skills ? The well-paying standards and growth prospects of corporate jobs, lures most commerce students opt for a career in the management sector. This is because working in a multi-national company requires you to not only be a great communicator but also a good manager. Thus, from managing clients and internal team to delivering board room presentations, great communication skills qualify as ?must-have? job requirement for every commerce student.

    Problem-solving ability ? Almost every business organisation advertising bachelors of commerce job vacancies looks to hire problem solvers. Commerce graduates who are just starting out their career, must demonstrate their capability to draw out practical, economical and effective solutions to business problems. As, all products and services existing today are solutions to day-to-day problems of our lives, problem solving skills can allow you to handle such scenarios and perform better in alternative case scenarios. 

    Leadership skills ? Bachelor of commerce graduation courses are designed to provide students with the potential to become future leaders and work as part of the team, focusing on the?same goal. Graduating with a commerce degree will instil within you excellent team management and leadership job skills, making you well-suited for the corporate culture.

    Research skills ? You should also hone successful planning and execution abilities, which entails self-directing research projects. You must be able to formulate research questions and applying advanced analytical skills to address such questions. Just like engagement confidently in self-directed study and research is highly-appreciated, similarly application of critical thinking and judgement in accessing, evaluating and employing information from diverse sources, are much sought-after.

    Now that you have come to know about some of the skills that are in-demand among employers, do you feel ready to kick start your career? If yes, we would advise you to learn more about Bachelor of Commerce degree and apply for a program soon.

    This article was written by Deblina Dam.

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