How Manufacturing Cloud Helps Manufacturers Roll Out Automation Across Entire Manufacturing Unit?

The manufacturing industry is not only focused on product making. Instead achieving ROI targets while making customers happy- stays at the core of manufacturing processes, operations, and workflow. However, the results appear at a distance when a manufacturing company operates traditionally. 

With data scattered in silos with no interconnectedness across departments makes it difficult to identify the customer demands and serve them faster, personalize marketing strategy, increase sales, and a lot more. These problems created a need for technology that provides a platform to get a 360-degree view of the customers by connecting all the departments and centralizing the data access to make the operations customer-centric. 

Thanks to technological process that has helped manufacturers to address fluctuating customers and market demands. Manufacturing cloud is the name of a gem that?s entirely designed to help manufacturers strike a balance between sales and production along with improved profits.

Manufacturing cloud- the basics

The manufacturing cloud is a solution that enables manufacturers to power the processes, workflow, assets, people, and operations with new digital capabilities. The end-to-end solution makes the manufacturing unit resilient with safe and agile factories, improved supply chain visibility, a digital workforce, more innovations, and increased customer engagement. 

Leveraging AI, IoT, cloud, AI, and mixed reality technologies, the manufacturing cloud solution allows the manufacturers to roll out the industry 4.0 revolution organization-wide. There are various manufacturing cloud solutions such as Salesforce manufacturing cloud, Microsoft Manufacturing Cloud, and other Manufacturing clouds available that facilitate a sustainable future with their unique capabilities.

You can consider salesforce consulting services, Microsoft consulting services, or other consulting service providers that recommend the precise solution for manufacturing business-specific needs. 

How manufacturing cloud is advantageous for manufacturers?

The Salesforce for Manufacturing, Microsoft solutions for the manufacturing industry, or other leading manufacturing cloud provider solutions are bringing enormous benefits to organizations while meeting their manufacturing-related requirements. 

Accelerate automation

With information stored in disparate systems and making the workflow coordinated across various assembly lines and facilities, it?s difficult to produce a product that customers expect. With a single delay in operations with scaling complexity, the results are disastrous. 

When marketing operations, accounting, sales, and other systems get connected with the manufacturing cloud, the single point of management connects everything and provides visibility into the processes that help in automating the processes. 

For instance, Microsoft manufacturing cloud solution act as a digital conductor for manufacturers with centralized management to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality while ensuring privacy and compliances. 

Ensure precise predictions

The manufacturing cloud excels in providing access to detailed reports for every aspect of manufacturing. Gaining rich insights from reports helps in making accurate forecasts that further aid in identifying the trends and making better predictions so that user demands are fulfilled.

The solutions from Salesforce for Manufacturing feature account-based forecasting that allows manufacturers to view the customers? needs and market patterns instantly and then find the opportunities hidden in plain sight. 

With real-time data updates and the breakdown of internal silos, manufacturers can view the products with high return rates instantly and allocate more resources for the specific product manufacturing to not let customers suffer from out-of-stock issues.

Seamless inventory management?

Creating a balance between demand and supply is essential for making high profits. In the event, the customer demands are not tracked fairly, either products get manufactured in excess or under-produced, which is not healthy for organizations financially. 

Salesforce manufacturing cloud solutions enable manufacturers hit the sweet spot with the right stock availability, which becomes feasible with a 360-degree view of customer needs and operations. The precise tracking keeps the inventory optimal without creating anything over-produced or under-produced.  

Effortless contract updation?

The contract signed by manufacturers once with the company is not the final agreement. Instead, it gets several updates that require a concerned team to keep separate records of these versions. Traditionally, it?s difficult to manage everything. That?s where the manufacturing cloud facilitates instant update to the contracts digitally and manage all the versions of the agreement that are accessible to everyone on the board. 

Salesforce for Manufacturing features sales agreements that enable viewing, accessing, and managing the changes to contracts. The real-time updates help in making better operational decisions and bring additional ROI during sales agreement renewal or in the middle of the agreement.  

Increase sales?

Manually, it?s time-consuming and tiresome for the sales team to bring the leads down the sales funnel with conventional tracking. Microsoft solutions for the manufacturing industry provides an automated system for lead tracking with AI-based insights, which helps the sales team to create the right strategies that bring results. 

Even, the solution sends notifications to the manufacturers when there?s attrition in the sales funnel for a potential prospect is found. With problem identification, it becomes easier for the sales team to close the deal and improve the profits. 

Easy integrations

Most often, the manufacturers deter for manufacturing cloud solution adoption due to the hassles involved with the integration of the solution with the legacy system. In addition to seamless integration of the Microsoft manufacturing cloud with the existing system, the third-party integrations extend the functionality without much ado. 

Microsoft manufacturing solutions facilitate enormous integrations such as SAS for an analytics solution, Blue Yonder for supply chain, ABB ability for asset management, Rockwell automation for IoT integration, and other thousands of solutions that meet the manufacturing organizations? needs. Microsoft consulting partners make suggestions for apt third-party integration tools according to organizations? needs for digital transformation. 

Facilitating supply chain-wide collaboration

When supply chain operations are performed under direct control with no data connections doesn?t allow business partners to communicate at different levels of the supply chain. Microsoft manufacturing cloud sends real-time alerts regarding inventory levels and the speed at which they are getting depleted to suppliers. 

This information helps manufacturers know the resources to order for seamless production and distribution. This plan helps logistics partner to plan resource delivery and enhance delivery services with no issues in fulfillment. Microsoft consulting services help you know more about manufacturing cloud solution that makes the supply chain more resilient. 

Empower workforce digitally

The manufacturing organizations cannot perform to the notch unless they know about the process from in and out and are empowered. The complex modern technology is creating a talent gap that?s making it difficult for manufacturers to maintain efficiency. 

Microsoft consulting partners suggest Microsoft manufacturing cloud solutions connect workers with communication and collaboration tools such as the Microsoft team. It makes information accessible to the workers based on their roles and responsibilities. For instance, floor managers get visibility into operations for making informed decisions and focusing on high-value tasks. 

Additionally, the platform works best in new-hire boarding, training, and engaging employees, which, in turn, improves organization productivity as employees have the necessary skills and related information.    

Make informed decisions

Traditionally, production processes that need to be tested require manufacturers to get up and run the process for checking results and then improve it accordingly. Microsoft consulting partners recommend using digital twins and process modeling that helps in testing desired changes to the production line and automatically changing the outcomes based on real-time data. 

It helps in creating digital representations for equipment configuration, factory layout, and others before actually implementing them. 


After exploring the benefits of manufacturing cloud solutions for the manufacturing industry, it convinces the manufacturers that it?s a valuable addition to their arsenal which must be knitted well with existing systems and processes. The Salesforce consulting services from Salesforce consulting partner or Microsoft consulting services from Microsoft consulting partner suggest the best manufacturing cloud solutions that fit the bill. Pave the way to success by partnering with the right manufacturing solution provider that helps in rolling out the digital transformation ball hassle-free.?

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