How to Manage Different Services with One Gojek Clone App?

With the Gojek Clone 2022 you have the Opportunity to make the most of your Online Multi-Service Business by hosting 70+ Life-Enhancing Services at a Single-Go. This Productive App carries a Wide Array of Benefits for the Smart App Owners like you, check them out here ?


This Smart App makes it easy for you to have a Quick Glance at your Overall Business with its Attractive Dashboard. Yes! You can easily view certain parameters of your Business in an Intuitive and Simple-to-Understand Dashboard. Under the Member Statistics Heading, the App Owner can view Number of Users, Service Providers, Companies, Stores, and Organizations. You can also keep a track of the following under the App? Attractive Dashboard ?

  • Total Rides/Jobs
  • Total Orders
  • Admin Earning, and more


The App Owner can effortlessly get an Idea of one? Business Scenario, given its Graphics-Driven Information Format. You can see different Business Parameters in the form of Line Graphs, Pie-Charts, and Bar Graphs. This makes it easy for the App Owners to understand the Businesses? Real Scenario in just a Glimpse. The App Owners can also Download Purposeful Business Reports such as Earning Reports with this Futuristic App.


The common man can directly call the Admin Dispatcher Panel and Place a Manual Order over the Phone Call. This Feature allows you to Place the Order on behalf of the App Users who don?t have a Smartphone to Place an Order Online by themselves. The Admin has to open the Admin Panel and click on the ?Create Order? Tab.

Now, the App Owner can add the User Details such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Order Delivery Category, and Delivery Address. Upon clicking on the ?Submit? Button, the App Owner can see the List of Stores/Restaurants depending on the Distance Radius of the User? Delivery Address.

Now, the App Owner will select the ?Store/Restaurant?, and proceed towards adding the Items desired by the App User. Finally, the App Owner can Check-out with Cash as the Payment Option. Lastly, the Admin can easily track the Order Status of all the Placed Orders under the ?Processing Orders? section.


Using the God?s View, the App Owner can analyze the Real-Time Location of all Taxis run by the different Taxi Drivers registered under the App. The Admin can easily check via a World Map View whether the Taxi Driver is ?

  • Available Online
  • Going to Pick-Up the App User
  • Reached the Pick-Up Location
  • On the Way Towards the Destination

In the exact same way, the App Owner is able to track all the Service Providers registered with the App. For example, Food and Grocery Delivery, Delivery Genie Status, and Is the Parcel Picked-Up.


This Feature would help the App Owner analyse the different locations from where the Maximum Trips are made. The App Owner will click on the ?Heat View? Button provided on the Left-Hand Side Bar of the Admin Panel. Now, you would be able to view a Map with different Colour Gradients. As for instance ? The Area where Maximum Ride Requests are made would be highlighted in Blue Colour.

This helps the Admin to know from which Location the Maximum Rider? Request comes and thereby send the Taxi Driver? to that Specific Area. Similarly, the Entrepreneurs can identify those Localities wherein Demand for a Specific Service is the Highest.


The Multi-Services Gojek Clone 2022 is a Virtual Platform that facilitates you to build your Business by effectively handling different Services. Connect with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute.

Take a quick look at the below pointers which would help you identify the Authentic White-Labelling Firm in the Market ?

  • Such a Firm would have Client Video Testimonials on the Company?s Official Website.
  • Authentic Firm would have at least a Decade of Experience in launching such Innovative and Ingenious Apps on a Regular Daily Basis.
  • Such a Firm would provide a Demo App for Free Trials so that you can Browse and Test-Drive it for as long as you are not thoroughly assured that is the Ideal App you are looking for.

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