Simple steps to make your bathroom pup-proof


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When grooming your pet, the bathroom is the best choice to keep the process mess-free. Not all pets are the same; while some like to take a bath, for others, things can be messy whenever it’s bath time. But oftentimes, pups start nosing around the bathroom even while you’re not there. If you’re also going through the same thing, it’s time to pup-proof the space. Pet experts advise that the bathroom is a spot where dogs should be kept in check. It’s a good idea to take measures to make sure your bathroom is pet-friendly. The presence of chemicals in the bathroom area might pose some risks. Plus, there’s the worry about dogs slurping up contaminated water, which is harmful for their health.

So, let’s make the bathroom a safe and happy space for your furry pals. Here’s how you can do it:

Tidy up your personal essentials:

Clean up your bathroom counter by clearing away personal items like cologne, perfume, deodorant, and face creams. If you keep grooming products for your dog in your bathroom, you should also organize them. Keep all the products out of your dog’s reach by fitting wall panels above the counter and setting up floating shelves. For shower stuff, stash soaps and shampoos. Placing them on high racks helps to keep both your pets and products safe.

Lock down medication storage:

Play it safe with your pup’s health by storing medications in a bathroom cabinet. When dogs ingest human medications, it can lead to a spectrum of adverse effects, starting with digestive issues such as vomiting and/or diarrhea. In more severe cases, rapid ingestion may result in serious problems like seizures, or it could lead to liver or kidney failure. So, it’s better to take the right precaution to keep your furry baby out of harm’s way.

Closed toilet lid:

Having a pup is like being a toddler who needs to always be on watch. Keep your little furball from sipping toilet bowl water by keeping that lid sealed tight. It’s more important than you think, especially if you’re using those colorful toilet bowl cleaning tabs. Secure the lid with a child safety latch, and make sure your pet has easy access to their water bowl elsewhere.

Keep your toilet paper hidden:

If you don’t want to see your pup making a mess in your bathroom, hide your toilet paper. Take it out of the holder and stash it in a snazzy container with a lid. They would either pull or shred the rolls apart or chew on them.

Don’t forget to keep those pup nails trim to prevent any accidental scratches. Head over to a pet store in Kolkata, and you’ll find a variety of grooming products for your dogs, like clippers and grinders to keep those nails in check.

Choose pet-friendly cleaning products

What cleaning products do you use to clean your bathroom? Many regular cleaning products have chemicals that can be dangerous to pets, even if you store them carefully. Some cleaning products leave a residue that could be risky if your dog likes to lick floors and walls. So, it’s better to make a switch to natural or non-toxic bathroom cleaners for their safety.

You can also try out some DIY approaches to dealing with stubborn stains, like mixing baking soda and water. For an all-purpose cleaner, blend white vinegar with distilled water. There are loads of options you’ll find online. Give it a go, and keep your furry baby away from the toxicity of chemicals.