Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2022

Coronavirus has drastically changed the world, including the way we conduct business. It’s not just businesses, even customers need to adapt to a changed world. Do not think you can ignore the risks and act like nothing happened because customers and authorities are watching.

Along with understanding their moral responsibilities, business owners should also understand that offering convenience & ensuring regulatory compliance is not an option anymore. The global contactless payment terminal market?s value stood at $13.23 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $51.07 billion by 2026.

QR code for your restaurant menu

Contactless payment is crucial in the food industry, especially the restaurant business. Apart from sanitizing the tables and chairs, your business should also eliminate physical menu sharing and switch to a QR code menu for your restaurant.

Creating a QR code for your restaurant menu will bring in various benefits. Do it as soon as possible. Not sure how to go about it?  In this blog, we will discuss the process to create a restaurant QR code.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a kind of barcode that can be read by digital devices including smartphones. These QR codes with many black and white squares can hold considerable information like account details, website links, contact numbers, or approximately 4,000 characters of text.

Steps to create a QR code menu for your restaurant

Creating a static QR code menu for your restaurant is not rocket science. Follow the steps below.

  1. Find the URL associated with your menu.
  2. Log on to QR Code Generator and enter your URL there to get a unique QR code for your restaurant.
  3. Add your personal touch to the QR code by choosing the color and frame you desire.
  4. Add the list of menu
  5. Download the final QR code and print it out for business use.

Do you wish to create a dynamic QR Code menu for your restaurant menu? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for the QR code generator system.

Step 2: Find the option – Create QR code on the dashboard.

Step 3: Fill the required details, such as;

  • Your restaurant name
  • Active Email ID
  • And, Password

Step 4: Go to account section to add further details

  • Update profile picture
  • Update Restaurat Name
  • Contact Details

Step 5: Create QR Code menu

  • Make a list of menus with categories and price separately on a doc
  • Add the name of the food
  • Select or add food category
  • Add the cost of the food
  • Give it type
  • Write a description, if you have
  • Upload vivid images of the food

Step 6: You have the option to add/edit/delete the menu

Step 7 : Set availability/non-availability option in the menu item

Now the QR code is ready for your customers. You get it printed and placed it around the tables or anywhere you find it suitable.

Now, your customers visit your restaurant can scan the QR code and find the list of menu right from their mobile phone.

You will also be able find how many visitors of explored the menu. Isn?t it great?

Benefits of QR codes

  1. Easy implementation of changes – We advise you to check things thoroughly before printing a QR code on your business material. However, if you decide to change your QR code, you can do that easily.
  • Easy trackability – QR codes effectively track QR code scans, enabling business owners and individuals to comprehend the results of their marketing campaigns. These QR codes provide organizations with valuable information regarding customer behavior including buying preferences and spending patterns that can help boost marketing efforts.
  • Stores enormous information – QR codes can hold an ocean of information. Barcodes cannot hold as much information as QR codes do. Barcodes can hold only around 25 characters but QR codes can hold approximately 2500 characters.
  • Works in small sizes – Barcodes need to be of a certain size for it to be scanned. There is no such limitation with QR codes. A QR code can be as small as 1.5 cm square and still be readable. However, you should take care that a small QR code like that should not be stuffed with excessive information or complicated customizations.
  • Accessibility – Scanning a barcode requires a lot of effort because they can be read in only one orientation. On the other hand, QR codes can be scanned in any orientation. Merely scanning a QR code can provide users with precious information about the product or service.
  • Durability – Barcodes are easily susceptible to damage. Once it shows slight signs of damage, it is of no use while QR codes function even after sustaining 30 percent damage.
  • Ensures safe and quick transactions – With QR codes, transactions become easy for customers and the person at the counter. There is no need to spend excruciating time processing a credit/debit and handing out the change. The customer can scan the barcode using his smartphone and the transaction will be completed in no time.
  • Reduced errors – Accepting cash or card may result in human errors but QR codes eliminate the chances of those errors. How hard could it be to scan a QR code? The chances of errors are next to zero.
  • Information remains confidential – In 2022, information is money. Anyone can use your information or account details to wipe your account clean if you are not careful. With QR codes, it is very hard to steal sensitive information. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about fake notes.
  1. Engaging information – As stated above, barcodes can only hold limited information. Business owners can share more information via QR codes in their print promotions to experience better results. Customers will appreciate the detailed information and enjoy interacting with your brand.

Other advantages of QR codes

  • Benefits the visually impaired who cannot access URLs.
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • QR codes are cost-efficient
  • QR codes can be created without any coding knowledge


Now, you know what QR codes can do for your restaurant. Understand how you can use a QR code to your benefit. Even though it is simple to generate a QR code, you need to have a clear vision and strategy. Keep it simple and classy. Are you ready to create a QR code for your restaurant menu? Do it and tell us how it turned out.