7 Home Improvements You Can Make This Spring

The warmer weather that spring brings means that it?s time to start thinking about spring home improvement projects. With flowers blooming and the sun shining brighter, it makes sense to bring a fresh look to your home. Whether you want to give your house the ultimate facelift or need to make a few changes here and there, now is the right time to start upgrading.

The Best Home Beautification Ideas

The warmth of spring may feel like it?s still weeks away, but the time for spring cleaning has begun. Try these home improvements to give your house a new glow you can enjoy for the rest of the year:

make home improvements

1. Update Your Front Door

A new door can make a huge impact on your home, especially when this addition is paired with an updated style and color palette. Consider replacing your old front door with a stronger and sturdier one that?s more energy efficient. According to Energy Star?s reports, replacing a front door can save homeowners hundreds of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs. Essentially, the average household can cut their energy use by an average of 10% annually with an upgraded front door.

As you shop for a new door, consider adding a door sweep as well. A door sweep will help to keep out chilly air during the colder months and keep in the air-conditioned air in the warmer months, making your home comfortable all year long.

2. Install Glass Shower Doors

As you make your spring improvements, think about installing new shower doors in the bathroom. This upgrade offers safety and visual appeal. If your bathroom doesn?t already have an enclosed space for a shower, a large pane of clear glass will give your bathroom a modern makeover. If you already have a traditional shower door, upgrading to glass panels on either side will transform the space.

3. Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Another improvement to consider is replacing old and dated kitchen cabinets. New cabinets add aesthetic value to the kitchen while also helping with energy efficiency. If you don?t have the budget to completely replace your cabinets, consider a fresh paint job for an easy and affordable makeover.

4. Replace Your Gutters

This time of year is sure to bring spring showers, making now the best time to replace your gutters. An older or damaged gutter system can cause serious issues with floorboards or siding that can affect your home?s foundation in the future. When you replace your gutters, you?re giving your home a fresh start at keeping rainwater away from your property.

If your gutters are still in good condition, make it a point to have them cleaned. Regular gutter maintenance is an easy first line of defense against mold and mildew buildup.

5. Update Your Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to home improvement, lighting is often one of the more overlooked areas. By upgrading your lighting, you?ll be able to make your home feel more inviting just in time for spring. If you?re hoping to change the fixtures in your home, you needn?t hire an electrician or spend a fortune on fixtures. This DIY project is a simple way to take on sprucing up your home.

As you switch out your filters, consider upgrading your lightbulbs as well. Replacing older light bulbs with LED bulbs is an effective way to freshen up your space while giving you better control over dimming and brightness levels as well.

6. Invest in Landscaping

Home improvements should extend to your home?s exterior as well. Consider upgrading your landscaping efforts by adding some greenery around your property. Investing in new trees, shrubs, and flowers will dramatically improve your home?s curb appeal while effectively beautifying your neighborhood. Pay a visit to a local landscape company or home improvement store for the best suggestions about what types of plants will thrive in your climate and budget.

7. Add More Storage

As you gear up for spring cleaning, you?ll need to find a home for all the cold-weather accouterments you?ll no longer need. Springtime is the perfect season to utilize the storage in your home. With extra storage space in the garage, bedroom, bathroom, and living room, you?ll find that tidying up is easier than ever.

Get in the swing of things with the right spring home improvement projects for your property. Let these projects inspire you as you decide how to make the most of your home this year.