How Can You Make An Effective Email Marketing Strategy?

For most of the business owners, email marketing is an underrated promotional activity. Though, it is a real fact that email receivers do not read the content thoroughly. They tend to delete the promotional messages and usually make them spam. However, the number of email users is increasing day by day. So, the potential of email marketing has not yet declined. It is a major source of communication in the world. So, as a business owner, you can reach potential clients using this platform. Here are some useful tips to make it an effective source of marketing.?

Apt for Email Localization

Email localization could be a great concept that can prove beneficial for your marketing campaigns. The process involves the adaptation of email content into the local language. It can provide recipients with useful and relevant experience. Take the example of a campaign done for Farmasi. They have sent emails in Bengali by converting content into a local language script. You can also utilize the Amar Bangla app to get the ease of writing content for such? purposes. It can easily switch English text into Bengali idiom for your audience in the Bengal region.?

According to reports, sending content in local phrases can increase 54 percent chances to get an email clicked. So, Amar Bangla is a free-to-use app that can meet your needs. 

Send Mobile-Friendly Email Content

As you know, the use of mobile phones has increased drastically. So, sending promotional mobile-friendly emails could be a sound solution. It is imperative to ensure that the content and design you have sent is accessible on the mobile screen. For instance, the email looks good, but once it is opened, the receiver is not able to access the visual content. Then it would not be able to make an impression. A non-mobile accessible email will not make your promotional campaign a success. So, in order to keep emails easily accessible on smartphones you must remember:

  • To use big font size for making content readable
  • To display small images and animated graphics
  • To create one-column emails
  • To place the important text in the center
  • To place easy tap-able CTAs

Give a Personal Touch to Emails

It is the best way out to generate quality leads through email marketing. When you use email content with a personal touch, it develops a bonding with readers. As per the marketing experts, using personal emails with clients? names can increase the click rates up to 41 percent. It is also stated that 79 percent of customers tend to buy from brands that give them a personalized experience. 

Though, it is great if you have good relationships with your clients. But, you must not cross the limits to keep the email campaign decent. An overuse of personal content would have a negative impact on the recipients. So, only use text that can keep the message looking good. You can send birthday wishes, greetings, or can send appreciation emails for existing clients by using their names. 

Make Content Easily Understandable

The content of your emails would play a significant role in your success. You must acknowledge having the proper vision to make it clearly recognized by the readers. If possible, give preference to content that is written in a specific phrase. For example, if you are sending emails to a Malaysian client from the Indian Kerala region, then use the Malayalam phrase. You can prepare effective content for GetInsta App using the Malayalam language script. It enables you to make the message fully understandable and also create an impression.?

ISM Malayalam by C-DAC is a remarkable Indian app that works seamlessly for writing Malayalam text. It is a free app that works both for mobiles and desktops. 

Test the Email Content Twice

Sending a formal email for promotional purposes requires testing as a necessary phase. As a business owner, you must ensure to have a crisp and clear message in the email. If the content in your emails is not up to the mark, it would not appeal to your products. So, before sending the emails, you must check the content twice. You should consult with your marketing executive to make the right hit. You should check the outlook of your email by sending it as a dummy to an alternative email address. 

The Bottom Line

Email campaigns are useful for small businesses without any doubt. The only thing to consider is the value of content. You must apply these tips to ensure that you get the most benefit out of it. Remember, it is the beginning to reach the success of your business.  

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