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    If you are in and around Tamil Nadu, there are many beautiful places for us to explore. One such place is Erode.  Erode has many attractions and is known by many names like ?Turmeric city?, ?Texvalley? or the Loom city of India. From the various names, you might have understood that Erode is special for its textiles and turmeric production. Since turmeric is found in huge number, it is also known as the yellow city!  Besides, erode is the best urban city of Tamil Nadu with top-quality education, business and buildings!

    And, because we have a lot of attractive spots here, numerous hotels ranging from one star to five-star ratings are available. The speciality is every hotel, of any rating, provides basic facilities and like the city, very determined to provide the cleanest rooms possible. Hotels are also found abundantly in an affordable rate and assure to make your stay more memorable.

    Let us find out the major attractions of Erode:

    Erode Government Museum.

    Except for the Fridays and second- Saturdays, this shelter of art and aesthetics is open to all on every day.  A must-visit for the people interested in history, as there are a lot of remnants of the Chola kingdom and palm-leaf manuscripts showcased here. It increases the beauty and culture of the place. Very informative and attractive, even a person who finds the ancient studies boring can visit the Government museum to see the essence of the place itself.

    Vellode Bird Sanctuary.

    This is another special place and speciality of Erode. There are answers to all interests of people. For example, Vellode Bird Sanctuary is the perfect getaway for a nature-lover. We have to know that, if a place has a natural sanctuary, then the residents and the government has to be very responsible. This is because thousands of migratory birds visit the place during the months of November to March and they shouldn?t face any human threat. And the biggest challenge is that it is a place of a visit to thousands of people. But, the strict rules and the efficient government has done it beautifully.

    There is an exotic variety of birds in the place. A highly recommended place for nature-lovers.

    Karadiyur View Point.

    Though the climb to the top needs a little effort, it is worth it. From the top, you can have a clear view of the Mettur dam and the gorge by the side. The bird?s eye view is amazing from atop.  This is a chance for the adventurous tourists who love to go on a trekking and reach the top of the cliff for the wonderful view. Also, the best spot for photographers and naturalists. This makes it yet another famous getaway for all of you.

    Bhavanisagar dam.

    If you come to Erode and leave without visiting the Bhavani river and one of the largest dams in Tamil ? Nadu built across the river, you are missing out a great destination! Bhavanisagar dam is the life-sustaining factor of Erode. As you will be aware of the electricity and other uses of the dams, Erode is blessed to have the dam. Also, there is lush green surrounding around it with a small channel if you like boating.

    Various heritage Temples.

    Temples and Erode are two inseparable factors. It is also a fact that Tamil Nadu is known for its cultural and ancient temples. Chidambaram, Coimbatore, Madurai are all places you must visit for historic temples. Erode is also one place where you have the most famous Thindal Murugan Temple, Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple and many more. It is believed that Erode is highly prosperous by the grace of God and these temples are the luck factor!

    Besides many temples, there is Brough Church which is the oldest church in the whole state of Tamil Nadu. It is a must-visit for its interior and architecture.

    Here are hence a few attractions in Erode. It is easy to book your room online from any hotel in Erode. So, give yourself an experience of visiting the most beautiful city of Tamil Nadu at least once in your lifetime.

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