Magento Multistore Common Problems and Their Solutions

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. SSL Certificate Limit
  3. IP Address and SEO Hassles
  4. Extension Issues
  5. Upgrade Challenges
  6. Slow Speed
  7. Tips to Avoid getting issues for Magento Multistore
  8. Conclusion


Magento makes it simple to set up multiple stores at a time. All you have to do now is follow the steps and proper guide, and you will be able to open as many online stores as you like. 

If you run more than one eCommerce store, you may face technical or development issues; customers may experience online commerce and SEO issues.

Let’s look at some of the most common Magento multistore issues and tips to avoid getting them or solve them.

SSL Certificate Limit

A single SSL certificate can serve only one IP address and one domain. You can add SSL to numerous domains with these three options:

  1. Wildcard SSL

All of the subdomains you create can be protected by wildcard SSL. For example, if your domain is; get a wildcard SSL for all * domains if you go for and

  1. Subject Alternative Name (SAN) Certificate

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL gives a solution for stores that have been set up on multiple domains. A single certificate not only simplifies administration but is also cost-effective.

  1. Host Solution

Many Magento Managed Hosting companies limit the number of SSL-protected websites hosted on a single server. But some hosting companies let store owners set up as many SSL-protected eCommerce sites as possible. So, choose a host that provides you flexibility in using their features.

IP Address and SEO Hassles

Web admins continue to believe that a shared IP address will impact the site’s SEO. In reality, it is not the case. Many well-known entities have many websites associated with their IP address. has 21 websites on its IP address, whereas has 999 websites on its IP address.

Another problem with the Magento multistore feature is that content can be duplicated. To address this problem, make sure that the information, particularly the page title and description, is unique. (Keep in mind that content is king!)

Extension Issues

The multistore option will complicate things. You can have different plugins for each store in Magento multistore. An extension can be active in one store but not in the other. Until you upgrade your Magento software, everything remains in place.

Upgrade Challenges

Magento receives frequent updates, but merchants find upgrading difficult due to insufficient planning and documentation. While updating to the latest versions, most of them experience performance difficulties and even breakdowns.

The best way to deal with Magento upgrading issues is to have a well-thought-out strategy in place from the start. The website should be built according to best practices. Professionals should also handle an upgrade.

Slow Speed

Another issue that can occur in operating Magento e-stores is slow speed. The platform has been designed to be extensible, with the majority of its functions isolated to allow for future enhancements. As a result, the quantity of files is enormous, putting the website’s speed at risk.

Professional Magento support services are the best method to handle speed-related difficulties. They will take every precaution possible, such as installing cache, updating the version, removing redundant extensions, etc. It is just as vital to pick the correct hosting partner.

Tips to Avoid getting issues for Magento Multistore

You may need to check into a few things while setting up the multi store feature to make it work. We have compiled a list of the most important factors to consider while setting multistore or purchasing a new domain.

Purchase an SSL certificate that allows you to use it on multiple domains. Make sure that the SSL certificate for a new domain is valid.

Make sure you have multisite hosting so you won’t have to deal with server problems.

Make a backup of your Magento database. Your store will be safe if an issue occurs in any way.

Set up your Magento multistore using the admin panel.

Point your new domain name to your server.

If everything looks OK, it is time to add some items and test them to see if they meet your requirements.


Magento multi-stores are highly beneficial and effective for any business, providing advantages for big industries. So, if you want to create an ideal business, Magento multistore is the most fantastic option for you.

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