Magento How to integrate ERP with Magento

Do you feel like you cannot keep track of all the processes of your Magento store? If so, you need some extra tools to aid you in managing all the operations of your online Magento store. 

Magento 2 ERP Integration is a Magento feature that allows you to integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions with your Magento online store

Magento ERP will enable you to easily manage various business processes, like human resources, payroll, product distribution, and supply chain management. 

Benefits of Magento ERP Integration

Integrating your Magento store with an ERP software solution will drastically increase efficiencies in key departments, like inventory management, customer data management, sales management, and financial management. Thus, you will not have to worry about managing these tasks all by yourself.?

Data Management

Integration of ERP software solution with Magento will allow you to collect all the customer, product, and sales data. You will not have to manage these data processes manually. Instead, the ERP software will do the work for you. 

Cost Management

Magento ERP integration lets you manage all the product costs efficiently. You can assign each category of products their prices without having to go through all the products yourself. 

Furthermore, ERP software manages all your product levels in real-time. It allows you to store less inventory, making it easy to manage your inventory as well as your product listing. 

Simplify Compliance

Magento ERP ensures that your customers receive products at their negotiated pricing. You can also customize the ERP software to apply specific rates to products. This will improve customer experience, resulting in more sales and revenue. 

In addition to that, ERP software stores all tax information in one place to avoid the need to synchronize the data manually. This enhances your data organization, dynamics migration and improves compliance with local taxing regulations.?

Task Automation

Magento ERP integration also allows you to automate processes through the ERP software. Due to this, you have less manual work to do and can save both time and resources. 

Automating tasks also reduces human errors, making your business much more professional. Additionally, this increases productivity as your employees will not have much manual work to do. Instead, they can invest their time by supporting your customers. 

How to Integrate ERP Software Solutions with Magento?

The simplest way to integrate your desired ERP software solution with your Magento seller account is to use read-made Connectors. These Connectors are available in the Magento Marketplace, ensuring you get the best Connector for your ERP integration. 

Although the Connector extensions are simple ready-to-install programs, you may need the assistance of a professional developer to help you integrate the ERP software properly and customize it to suit your needs. 

Types of Magento ERP Integration

There are various ways you can integrate an ERP software solution with your Magento store. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages. To figure out the best way to integrate ERP, you must consider your business needs and decide accordingly. 

Point-to-Point Solutions

This option is best for wholesale vendors or retailers who do not plan to scale fast. You can find this solution in the Magento Extension Marketplace. In this option, your Magento stores and your ERP software solution are connected on both ends to each other. This connection allows you to synchronize data efficiently. 

However, since there is no operational platform between them, the data won?t synchronize right away. You will have to choose a different system to manage the data across the platforms. 

Multi-Channel Magento ERP Integration

This option uses an operational hub to store and manage all your data. The primary data sources, such as order, customer data, and inventory management, are automatically synchronized. 

This option also uses Connectors to make ERP integration easy and flexible. This is the most expensive option out of all three but is worth it. It makes managing your data much more efficient and easily adjustable to any changes in your system. 

Custom Magento ERP Integration

Custom Magento ERP integration uses an application programming interface to synchronize data. Custom integration is complex, which makes it expensive as well. You may need to hire expert developers to aid you in integrating the ERP software efficiently.

This option is best for large-scale organizations or businesses with the required resources to integrate the ERP software. 


Both Magento and ERP software are widely used systems in the e-commerce sector. By integrating these two systems, you get a competitive advantage over others. Therefore, you must purchase the right ERP software solution for your business. You should define your needs and get multiple quotes from different ERP companies to pick the best one.