Lotus Notes To Office 365 Migration- A Guide For Beginners

If you want to perform lotus notes to Office 365 migration, you landed on the right page.  Here you will get an efficient way to migrate lotus notes to office 365 without wasting your time. Today, we’ll talk about how to transfer data from a Lotus Notes NSF mailbox to the Office 365 platform manually and by using Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter.

Microsoft Office 365 has recently grown in popularity due to its many advantages to its users. Therefore, both small and large enterprises want to switch from other platforms to Office 365, especially those that use Lotus Notes. The reason is that administering Lotus Notes is not only challenging but also leads to some problems.

Office 365 also greatly improves how emails are handled and how other tasks are completed. To ensure that the transfer procedure is carried out effectively and that organizations do not experience any instances of data loss, migrating Lotus Notes (IBM Notes) data items saved in NSF file formats to Office 365 requires you to have the requisite technical skills. Now,  let?s first discuss the reasons for lotus notes to o365 migration.

Why do Users Need to Perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration?

  • Office 365 provides stronger security and more advanced features when compared to Lotus Notes.
  • The cost of Lotus Notes maintenance is relatively expensive.
  • Compared to IBM Notes, Office 365 is simpler to use.
  • Lotus Notes requires prior technical help to operate.
  • Office 365 is effortlessly compatible with all platforms and gadgets.
  • Users of Office 365 can access the information from any location.

Manual Steps to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 

Follow the steps provided to migrate lotus note into Office 365 with the help of IMAP Connector:

Take a Backup of Your NSF Files:

When using the manual method, data loss or corruption is always dangerous. Therefore, creating a backup of NSF files is crucial before transferring them to Office 365.

After taking a backup of the Lotus Notes NSF file, the next step is to set up mailboxes for each user with a Lotus Notes desktop email client profile.

Export IMAP/TCP/IP port

Install Lotus Notes, then launch IBM Notes’ Domino Administrator.

Tap the Configuration button after that.

Go to the server’s Server page to access the IMAP service.

Sequentially select the port, internet port, and mail tabs.

Set the default IMAP TCP/IP port. This can be done by changing the ?TCP/IP port value status? in the Mail (IMAP) column to ?Enabled? (By default, IMAP clients connect to TCP/IP port number 143 on the Domino server).

At last, press the ?Save? button and then exit.

Connect with IMAP Connector

Finally, synchronize emails from the Lotus Notes email client with Office 365 using the IMAP Connector.

Once you’ve completed all four stages, you can easily perform the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method 

You can manually perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration using the free IMAP connection, but there are a few limitations that make this approach less dependable.  Here are the main disadvantages- 

  • For inexperienced users, the manual method is laborious and time-consuming.
  • If a firewall and proxy are in place to protect the Notes client, it won’t be able to connect to the Internet.
  • The IMAP Connector is unable to transfer emails bigger than 1 GB.
  • The manual approach makes use of several pricey filters.
  • Using the IMAP connector, moving calendar entries is not possible.

Professional Method to Perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Step by Step

Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter is the most trusted solution to migrate lotus notes into office 365. It is a multifunctional utility that provides multiple advanced features to its users. It convert Lotus Notes NSF file to Outlook PST file and other formats including PDF, EML, EMLX, MBOX, HTML, CSV, and others. The tool provides easy to use interface to its technical and non-technical users. It is compatible with all versions of Windows-based operating systems.


We really hope you enjoyed reading our post about Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration. With this knowledge, the migration process from Lotus Notes to Office 365 is simple. The manual procedures have been described in detail. But if it doesn’t deliver a successful result, go with the expert approach. 

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