Effortlessly Perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 File Migration- Here?s How

    lotus notes to office 365 file migration

    Ever encountered an instance wherein you need to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 file migration? Hunting to know the foolproof solution to initiate IBM Notes to O365 data migration? Then, you are fortunate indeed to reach out to this post. This write-up is introduced for all those users who are in desperate need to transfer Lotus Notes mailboxes to the destined Office 365 cloud platform. So, let?s begin to know the cost-effective technique revealed in this blog post.

    ?In order to safeguard my Lotus Notes emails and other mailbox items, I have decided to migrate NSF files consisting of confidential data to the cloud platform like Office 365. Now, to perform the file migration of IBM Notes data to Office 365, I am intensely searching for the best solution. I tried availing a couple of third-party software in which the result was not fruitful. Could someone suggest some reliable yet result-oriented automated software as availing the manual solution is not my cup of tea? Anticipating an instant reply at the earliest.?

    IBM Notes or Lotus Notes, which is now known as HCL Notes is one of the most proficient email application used by both small-scale and large-scale organization. Though it is induced with remarkable features, because of its complicated interface users find it extremely difficult to avail the same. In the case of Microsoft Office 365, it is integrated with advanced set of features. Altogether, it offers an innovative yet economic environment when compared with IBM Notes application.

    The best part is that all these cost-effective features are incorporated in a user-friendly interface. Office 365 provides SaaS-based solution to the users which is flexible and easy to use. Using which, users can efficiently meet the challenging communication requirements without facing any technical disputes. It offers data security options, MS Office suite, flexible subscription plans and much more. After knowing all the mesmerizing features offered by Office 365, it is the fact that IBM Notes users prefer availing it. Well, then without wasting any more time, let?s dig in to know the proven solution.

    Perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 File Migration- A Professional Solution

    Users can easily migrate Lotus Notes emails, contacts and calendars by availing this apt third-party software i.e., Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool from SysTools. It is designed exclusively to meet the challenging migration needs of the user. The tool offers user-mapping options and allows to swiftly map the mailboxes between source and destination platforms.

    Listed below are some incredible features offered by the software:

    • Transfer complete HCL Notes mailboxes to Office 365
    • Performs selective data items migration from the Workload section
    • Offers Date filter option to migrate data selectively via date
    • Multiple advanced options to map the user accounts i.e., Fetch Users & Import Users
    • Users can migrate mailboxes in batches via Concurrent Migration feature
    • Offers multiple Re-run migration options- Retry failed items, Delta migration & Re-run full migration
    • Users can anytime halt the migration process via Stop migration option

    Simple Steps to Perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 File Migration

    • Download and launch the software on your Windows system
    • Now, select the source platform as Lotus Notes and destination platform as Office 365
    • Apply date filter & selective data items migration as required
    • Then, provide the admin credentials of both source and destination platform
    • Users can map the mailboxes via Import Users or Fetch Users options
    • Apply priority to the user accounts to be transferred first
    • At last, click on Start Migration button to initiate Lotus Notes to Office 365 file migration

    What are the Limitations Associated with the Native Workaround?

    The manual approach to implement Lotus Notes to Office 365 file migration works out using IMAP Connector. However, there exist some drawbacks in this method, which are mentioned below:

    • The foremost limitation is that users need to be technically sound to avail this approach
    • There is a chance of internet blockage because of IBM Notes active firewall and proxy server
    • It fails to transfer NSF file having more than 1 GB file size
    • The approach is pretty much complicated thereby consumes enough time and efforts
    • Might lead to data loss of data inconsistency failure


    Through this blog, we have emphasized a robust solution to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 file migration. Knowing the complexities imposed by the manual approach via IMAP connector, it is wise to choose the foolproof solution i.e., by availing SysTools Lotus Notes to O365 migrator. Users can also check out the demo version, which is absolutely free of cost.

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