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New Little Prince stories have finally arrived. Untold Stories of the Little Prince is the latest Little Prince sequel that left most of the readers speechless. There have been many attempts to continue the story of our famous boy with golden hair. However, all of those sequel turned out to be great disappointments. All but one.

What makes the Untold Stories of the Little Prince so special?

It is completely normal for you to ask the question: what makes the Untold Stories of the Little Prince so special? It is the only direct sequel to the Little Prince. The story starts right after the boy is bitten by a snake. It turns out that the snake poison didn?t send him home. The boy woke up in the middle of the desert and went into the night to find the animal that will help him depart from his body. Eventually, he stumbles upon a hidden forest where his new adventures start.

What is the new Little Prince book about?

This book is all about the challenge of self-acceptance that is encountered through questioning. On his quest to return to his beloved rose the Little Prince meets many animals. All of them are struggling on their life journeys. A hedgehog, for example, cries because he can?t be hugged. The grasshopper is waiting for his wings to grow up. He believes that if caterpillars who can only crawl get wings then why wouldn?t he who can jump so fast and high. 

Another important thing in this book is that the Little Prince is confronted with fears. They are represented through shadows. And shadows push many grim ideas into his head. One of them is that the screen fell on his rose and broke its stem. 

Who is the Author?

The author is a talented writer from Europe ? Nikola Misovic. He is 28 years old and lives in Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia. The first book he ever read was the Little Prince. He got it when he was only four years old. His father was the one to read it to him. Then, when he learned to read, Nikola read it all by himself. It is when the obsession started. He claims to have read the original Little Prince more than 50 times. And he always wondered what really happened after the bite. The snake bit him to help the Little Prince depart from his body. However, when the pilot woke up in the morning there was no trace of the boy. So, it made the author wonder if Exupery purposely left it that way? Nikola never agreed with the formal interpretation anyway. And most of formal interpretations consider the ending as a suicide. But nowhere in the book is it mentioned that the Little Prince intends to die. All the boy wants is to depart from his body which is too heavy for him to get home. So, the body would be left behind but, as we already said, the pilot couldn?t find it anywhere in the desert. It made Nikola wonder if the snake poison didn?t kill the boy. And it is what inspired the story in which our Little Prince woke up and wondered off into the new adventure? It is the base of the plot in the sequel. Due to these facts the book can easily be considered for the Little Prince part two.

What do Readers Say?

Readers are mostly thrilled. The reason this is so important is that we speak about the sequel to the book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He is the author of the original Little Prince that is usually considered for classics. The Little Prince was sold in more than 200 million copies and had been translated to more than 300 languages. After the Bible, the Little Prince is the most translated book in the history of literature. This means that when the people start to read it they are going to have big expectations. And when those who started with the original Little Prince state that the book is awesome that it is an enormous compliment for the author who wrote it.

Taming Quote Battle

We are all familiar with the Antoine?s famous quote. 

?It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.?

However, Nikola Misovic provided us with a little different opinion.

 ?The heart is blind. One can see rightly only with time. What is essential stays invisible in the present moment. Time reveals everything to both eyes and heart.?

This triggered a lot of debate about the quotes. Which one is right? In the original Little Prince the fox thought the boy a lesson about the blindness of the eyes. But it the Untold Stories of the Little Prince the wolf explained to the boy that heart can be blind as well. After the debate it was concluded that these quotes don?t neglect one another but actually concatenate. Because nowhere in the original book that the fox says that a heart can?t be blind or tricked. The wolf only pushes the boy into a deeper thinking. 

What About the Style?

When it comes to the question of style the sequel is as simple and readable as it is the case with the original. And this is very important. What truly made the Little Prince beautiful is its simplicity. It is why the book represents possibly the highest form of wisdom. Many great minds claimed that true wisdom always finds a simple form to present big truths. Albert Einstein even claimed that if you can?t put something into simple words it means you don?t understand it well enough. 

What About the Age of the Reading Audience?

As it is the case with the original Little Prince, all ages can read the sequel. For children it will be an innocent fun. Grown-ups however will find much more deep thoughts and motives for self-analysis. What is important to note is that the book can be read even if you are not familiar with the original. Stories are pretty much independent and motives from the first part are the only thing that are going to sound a bit confusing. The motives are the rose, volcanos, sunsets and other things. But fables with their core are freed from the necessity to read the original title. But if you haven?t read the Little Prince then please do ? you have no idea what you have missed.

Important thing to not is that this book is of great positive effects on kids. It is because the focus of the story is to achieve self-acceptance. The experience of reading it can became good part of foundation on which our youngest are going to learn to love and accept who they are.

Where to get the Book?

Believe it or not you can get this book for free. At the moment, the book is only available on Amazon. It is because it is enrolled in KDP Select program. It means that if you have a Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free. Otherwise, to read it in digital version you will have to pay 2.99$ and 17$ for paperback.  

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