The Life of a Top Enterprise Business Executive

Enterprise Business Executive

The most frequent question asked during interviews of business executives is ‘ how does your everyday schedule look like?’ The life of a top enterprise business executive can be exciting and busy when broken down to particular activities throughout the day. You may have overlapping roles and responsibilities depending on your job category and industry. Below are some of the things that an executive does on a typical business day.

I. Early Rising

Top business executives don’t have the pleasure of waking up at their own comfort time. An executive day starts at 6 A.M and then head to the gym before taking a shower. Early rising gets you ready for a busy and productive day ahead. Waking up early gives you time to have breakfast and prepare adequately for the day. Lateness reduces your ability to deliver. As an executive, you need to have a routine every morning and stick to it to avoid having stressful and messy mornings. You need to set a good example for your co-workers by coming to work early and looking fresh and ready for the day.

II. Communication Via Emails, Messages, and Calls

Communication plays a significant role in the life of business leaders. Your communication skills determine your relationship with everyone around and beyond the enterprise. Checking emails every morning is a daily routine for all business executives. You can spend a few hours in meetings and making conference calls on behalf of the company. Communication also means listening to what others have to say about any topic and understanding situations from their perspectives. As a leader, you have to develop good communication skills to create a good relationship with your colleagues and business partners.

III. Working Out Every Morning

Hitting up the gym every morning before starting daily activities is a life hack for top business executives. Keeping fit helps improve mental and physical body functions throughout the day. As a leader, you need to participate actively in every activity in the company. Daily exercising forms a significant part of personal development. If you walk into a gym as early as 5 am, you will meet most company executives burning some calories to kick off their day. It is common knowledge that a healthy and hydrated business executive has competitive skills when running the business. You can perform when you are dull and sleepy in the morning.

IV. Traveling

Top business executives travel a lot sometimes to attend business meetings or access their offices around towns. Before zoom took over physical sessions, business leaders were always on the move trying to meet customers, partners, and investors in different parts of the world. Your company may have more than one office or sub-branch in other towns or cities, and you have to pay an occasional visit to ensure the smooth running of business operations. You can travel by road, train, air or water depending on your destination and preferences. Most top business executives prefer a private jet charter, where you’re free to fly to any destination any time in as little as four hours’ notice.

V. Relaxation Time

We all need time to jog our minds and spend time with our loved ones. Enterprise business executives need breaks too. Working for long hours without relaxing makes you less productive. Walking to get coffee or having breakfast with your family can help stretch your feet and clear your head. Relaxation gives room for fresh ideas, which may help to better your company’s overall operation. Brainstorming while relaxing provides space for better business ideas for solving problems. Top business executives testify how relaxation and spending memorable time with loved ones can help clear your brain and encourage new innovative ideas for your business.


Being a top enterprise business executive needs dedication to perform and deliver efficiently. As the business leader, it is your responsibility to develop suitable strategies that will push the organization to attain the best performance and achieve its objectives. This involves going the extra mile to ensure the company performs best under your leadership. An executive should be open to learning additional expertise to assist in improving customer satisfaction. You should build your typical profile if you want to be a future business leader.

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