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spiritual revelation

Rev. Dr. Michael Gross’s new book The Spiritual Primer gives readers an intriguing glimpse into how the universe works, God’s role in the universe, and, most important, their purposes on earth.

Dr. Gross spent years studying and teaching spiritual principles. One day, while deep in thought, he met a creature who presented himself to him as “the Source of Truth” that are similar to paladin names. When Dr. Gross asked this if it was God, it meant that some people called it God, but he didn’t like that name because of how it was misused by so many people.?

Consequently, to be clear, Dr. Gross calls it “God, the Source of Truth” throughout the book. In this book, Drs. Gross shared many of his experiences and knowledge of God, which the True Source had given him about how the world works. Dr. Gross now offers this knowledge to students so that they can reconnect with their spiritual states to feel love, joy, happiness, and purpose in their lives.

The first section

The first section is full of details needed to understand how the universe works. Among the combined laws are the law of love, the law of revelation, the law of Karma, the law of judgment, and the law of perfection. I found this whole section to be incredibly bright. While I came to understand the Law of Love and the Law of Attraction (also called the Law of Attraction), I found that while I thought I knew what karma was, there was a lot I didn’t understand ? especially that it wasn’t punishment for the wrong we did, in this life to take karmic debts to learn from them. Also check some miqo’te names

I won’t go into detail here, but I think anyone reading this book will come to a better understanding of karma and see how the universe works and how everything is limited in it, so karma is really a great blessing for us.

I found the Law of Perfection to be a wonderful law, but it also gave me a better understanding of how the universe and everything in it changes, expands, and continues to grow. Drs. Gross makes this point in the following passage where the Real Source encourages her to look at a rose that was beautiful last year but looked very beautiful now:

“That’s when I understood the meaning of perfection. The rose rose believed to be perfect last year, and that idea of ??perfection in its energy fields made it even more perfect this year. In short, perfection means the most complete growth. Something may seem right, but there are ways to improve. “

The second part of the book

The second part of the book explains exactly what it means to be human within the universe. Dr. Gross describes how human life came to be on this planet and also explains how “we are made of stars,” we agree to come to this planet to learn. Much of this section is about past lives and rebirth. He makes the point that it does not matter whether he was king, queen, or president in your past life because what happened in your previous life does not change what you achieved in your current accomplishment.

Drs. Gross also mentions Great Gathering, which is a description of the various creatures or “Created resources” available, including guides and main guides, angels, archangels, and guardian angels. In the chapter “Spiritual Cooperation,” he examines how we make covenants in life to have relationships with different people and that we work with our guardian angels and other resources created to fulfill our responsibilities in life. Dr. Gross goes into great detail in explaining the distinction between twin souls, soul practitioners, marriage mates, and magic partners created in heaven.

Throughout the first two sections, Dr. Gross also provides meditation tests, mantras, and scriptures that you can use to bring about the change in your desired life. You can also learn how to find your spouse’s miracle if you like.

Final Section Of Book

The final section consists of the frequently asked questions that Dr. Gross received and his / her Source / Answers’ answers. I found this section as interesting as the others. Among the questions Dr. Gross answers are:

? What was Jesus’ purpose (purpose and goal) on earth?

? Why is there so much fear on this planet?

? How do we learn what our karma is and how we can get rid of our karmic debt?

? Why do we need to have a karmic experience if we have free will and free will?

Many answers to these questions, and there are many more, have amazing answers. Before this section ends, you will know what Akashic records are, learn how the Universal Band of Knowledge works, and also have a better understanding of right and wrong.


I know that some readers may be skeptical at first about Dr. Gross’ ability to communicate with the Source of Truth or any of the information he provides. I admit that I am a skeptical and open-minded person, but what Dr. Gross reveals in this book sounds reasonable and makes sense to me. Although people do not agree with everything on these pages, I have no doubt that if they open themselves to the message of the book, they will come back rich, with a deeper understanding of their lives and goals on this planet, and a plan to create beneficial change in their lives.

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