Top 4 best leather jackets for men- A style guide for 2021:

The leather jackets for the past 70 years. Initially designed to protect the body from different environmental changes, the journey of leather jacket evolution is great. And still after so many years i can’t see a leather jacket going out of fashion in near future. Different designers in the market apply new cuts, patterns and textures over a leather jacket to make something unique and trendy. Now we can find different unique types of leather jackets. 

Which leather jacket to buy this season? It’s a tough question for every man out there. Well people assume that leather jackets are only meant for extreme cold weather, this is absolutely a wrong concept. There are few lightweight leather jackets that can be worn in spring and mild summers as well. 

So if you are in the mood of updating your wardrobe with some good pieces of Leather jackets then keep reading below. I have selected the top 4 best leathers jackets for men to rock this year with style. 

Let’s have a look at them. 

Schott Classic Racer:

Schott Classic Racer is the best type of leather jacket for men. This leather jacket is in fashion from the past 40 years and still men go crazy for Schott Classic Racer. This jacket is purely made up of Cowhide. The main purpose of this leatherjacket was to protect a person riding a motorbike at the speed of 100 mph . But with the fashion evolution now we can see these Classic racer jackets at different parties, gatherings and dinners. Schott Classic Racer jacket is perfect to wear on both casual and formal catering. You can mix and match it up with other clothing items to create unique and different looks everyday. 

Schott classic Racer jacket is super soft, comfortable and easy to carry. You can wear this leather jacket in spring and winter both. Do you own a SchottClassic Racer jacket already? If not then what are you waiting for? Grab one right away to make your 2021 even more stylish and classic. 


No  one is denying the fact that leather jackets are quite expensive, especially if you are buying from a good brand. But trust me if you have made a wise decision then you are not going to regret it at all. Flavour is one of the unique types of Leather jacket, it is made up  of pure leather and comes with a hood as well. The hood is removable so you can attach or detach it according to the situation. 

Flavor jackets are best for the region where weather gets extra cold, as the jacket prevents the body and hood from covering the head and keeps it safe from cold winds. This leather jacket is super soft and cosy and you can carry it in different casual and semi casual situations. 

In my opinion it is one of the must have leather jackets for men, if you don’t have one already, grab it right away to make your winter more cozier and warmer. 

Rick Owens: 

If you are conscious of your figure and looking forward to having a slim fit leather jacket then think no more and buy Rick Owens. It is one of the best skin tight leather jackets that looks super stylish and at the same time it’s easy to carry at different events. You can Rock a Rick Owens leather jacket for Men in different casual parties. And picking it up with jeans and a formal shirt to attend a formal business meeting is ot a bad idea at all. This leather jacket is best for skinny and smart men, with asymmetrical zippers on the front, it is one of the most stylish leather jackets that every man must have. 

Rick Owens is purely made up of leather, itcomes in different colors but the bestits to grab colors like brown and black. Both of them are my favourite colors in Leather jackets. 

Desa 1972 Brown Leather Jacket: 

This leather jacket doesn’t need to be black or any other color. It Has something very unique in its brown color and looks quite cool on every man. Desa brown leather jacket is purely made up of leather and that’s why it’s 100% soft and warmer. This leather jacket is perfect for different casual and semi-formal events too. Are you planning to go out  with friends? Don’t worry just pair up a brown Desa jacket with blue jeans and white T shirt and you are all set to step out of your house. 

Grab a Desa Brown Leather jacket right away and make your 2021 even more stylish. 

Here are my top favourite 4 Leather jackets for men, which one is your favourite and why? Do share your fashion ideas and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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