Learning Opportunities – How to Fully Prepare Students for Their Future

What are the necessary skills that students should have to prepare for the 21st Century workforce? Do you have any idea about how educators will help students gain these skills?

That being raised, you will have to cope with two major trends posing the ultimate challenge to the education system. The first would be the industrial economy shifting to a knowledge economy. And the second challenge is the rising generation of the internet motivated to keep up with things.

These two challenges propel educators to reconceptualize education in the country. Dr Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group, talked about the “global achievement gap” that addresses the leap between the existing system educating the students and the necessary skills they need for the future. 

The top schools in Abu Dhabiare constantly on the lookout for opportunities that upscale the education system and prepare the students for the future. The British International School in Abu Dhabi has come up with scalable techniques to address these challenges to the existing educational system. Here’s how. 

Be Future-Focused

In reality, real-life begins during the graduation for students. This is when students get serious about their careers and start managing their finances and life plans. So, schools should be focusing on the learned materials the students have access to. However, what next?

Is there a guaranteed result of their studies in terms of financial, personal, and career success? 

Measuring knowledge gain is a stepping stone to the ultimate goals of students. Measuring the knowledge and the means to get ahead in life should be clubbed together to realize the full power of education’s impact on the country’s economic health.

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Teach Complex Thinking Skills

When you have a job, it is not just about getting one but also reaching there with the best possible pathways. This type of path can be paved by inflicting complex thinking skills within students by giving them courses in decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

Nevertheless, jobs in modern working environments demand innovation, creativity, and skills to look into tasks and not just the outcome. Additionally, they require candidates who can imagine innovative skills to achieve the goal. 

Evaluate Information Accuracy

A new set of data are being explored and disseminated at an incredible rate. Half of the students today prefer memorizing the learning material, leading to inaccuracy or incomplete achievement of the goals. 

Students need concrete information and the ability to understand that information as part of their skill to use critical analysis for assessing the authenticity and potential importance of the new information. 

These executive functions are to be developed and practiced at home and the best schools Abu Dhabi can have for tomorrow’s youth. This way, students can prepare themselves to find, analyze, and use the potential information.

Teach Tolerance

Job applicants will be judged on their abilities of communication to connect with the global community. They will be tested for their openness to and tolerance for unique cultures and ideas. To imbibe these critical skills, students need practical discussions and experiences to study and communicate with people from foreign cultures. 

Final Words

As educators, the right call for them would be to walk ahead of time and frame the students’ future in the best way possible. Abu Dhabi International School is an excellent medium to foster the must-have skills in the students to prepare for their future. Designing the future of the youth is indeed a huge responsibility that cannot be compromised. 

Education, therefore, needs to be planned and framed to create future leaders, designers, problem solvers, and innovators. 

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